Old news now. This is from an earlier trip but I still wanted to blog with these images of time with my family at our cabin. We have to pass by that river above to get to our cabin. I don’t stop as often as I want because we’re usually eager to get where we are going. That fog made me stop though. I walked across the long one car wide, metal grate bridge to take a few pictures. I almost got lost in the view as I held my camera under my open raincoat. I remembered my waiting family and hustled back.

Ah. Fall is here. Checkers

What a beautiful corner of the country we live in! I already miss these fall colours we get to see inland from where we live on the coast. The weather was fine for us this trip. I think it’s been a lot dryer than usual this year.

The View

Look! Everywhere you look you can see something amazing, or simply beautiful. The kids were looking for bear and moose from the picnic table. I found a rock with a hole in it. When Cam was young his aunt would give any kid who found one of these and brought it back to her, a chocolate bar.

Looking for stuff

Fishing at the point For a candy bar

Fishing. Cam and the kids fished a lot. I was more content to take pictures of the fishing. Cam was eager to show the kids the best spots to be putting the line. Lily was interested and enjoyed herself but could be distracted away from the fishing when she saw a teeny frog to catch or when the dog brought a stick to throw. Leif had the real patience for fishing. He’d stand there as if in mediation, casting and reeling in slowly and casting again.

Fishing with Dad

This place is one of our favourite places to be. I took more photos than you see here. Just click on any to see them bigger or more of them.


Creek Giving the porch a good sweep


Heart. Can you see it in the picture below?


Fish on!

Fish on!!

Dark. Out here at night it’s dark. Away from power lines by tens of kilometers and when the sky is cloudy there’s little to see. We had a bonfire one night. It was a good thing we were outside. Just as the dark was falling on us we saw a raft floating down river towards our cabins. We said “HELLO!” and got a hello back, along with a question about how far to their destination and what can they expect along the way. We yelled back that they should take out here and we’ll drive them the rest of the way. It wasn’t far where they were going but it wasn’t close enough for the light and the river was low. Best not take any chances in the dark and the cold. We have to stick together out here and lend a hand occasionally.

It sure felt darker when Cam left to give them a ride. The dark felt alive all of a sudden. Ready to swallow me up! The kids didn’t seem to notice but I was glad when Cam returned.

Evening bon fire

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7 Responses to Fall, Family and Fishing

  1. Lynn says:

    Lovely shots Annie. Where was the top one taken, of the river in the fog? What a good eye you have. The perspective is magical with the hills receding in the mist.

  2. Annie says:

    Hazelton. It’s so beautiful there. Thanks, Lynn!

  3. Taisa says:

    Oooh, so beautiful Annie! Your cabin is a little piece of paradise and you capture it so beautifully with your camera.

  4. k says:

    what a beautiful corner of BC – and you guys seem to truly enjoy it to its fullest.

  5. erin says:

    one day i will visit this special place with you all. i never tire of seeing it through your eyes and hearing your voice tell about it. xo

  6. Annie says:

    I wish you all could come and visit this special place. xx

  7. Judy says:

    Thanks for sharing!

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