It’s December 1st today! My kids were sure to remind me as soon as my eyes opened this morning so that we could hang up our Solstice countdown calendar. Leif is going to add to the calendar on the odd days and Lily on the even. Do you think I’ll ever finish my calendar? I still want to put some permanent background pieces on it.

Funny Faces

I’ve been snapping pictures like crazy these days. I’ve been preoccupied with my photography skills. Learning and pushing. Pushing and learning. Hopefully I’ll grow a great deal in the next few weeks and I’ll blog more about it. For now I’ll share some of my recent attempts.


I’m also happy to announce that Claire is the winner of one of Coral’s beautiful spice packet postcards. I’ll email you, Claire and let you know.

Jen Rice



4 Responses to The Countdown Begins

  1. erin says:

    the boys are alternating even and odd over here too, and there was SO much excitement when a few hours into a sleepy saturday, the realization struck that TODAY we can begin counting. i need a cool solstice calendar. we’re going with their playmobil post office one. hey, i know, maybe you can make me one when you finish yours? ;-)

    i’m loving seeing alll of your portraits. you seem to have the eyes down! the first thing i noticed about robert bateman, that he humorously warned me about, was that is habit for him to have his eyes downcast alot. i had many images with his eyes closed or turned downwards.

  2. Annie says:

    Erin- I really need to call you back! I’d love to talk about your walk in the woods. It sounds amazing!

    If you wait for me to finally finish mine, you might have to wait a looooooong time.

  3. Taisa says:

    Such beautiful portraits Annie. Your pictures just keep getting better. I look forward to hearing more about your photography journey. Maybe over tea sometime!

  4. Annie says:

    I would love to sit down and talk photography over tea. Gosh, your photography is magically, Taisa. xx

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