Hello hello hello…. I can almost hear an echo in here on my little blog. It’s simply been too nice outside to be blogging, I’m sorry to say. The irony is that when life is too busy to blog there is a lot to blog about! I’m hoping to do some catch up soon.

First up, I wanted to share about one of my favourite gatherings of the year- Kispiox Music Festival. It was crazy busy this year. I had been wondering if CBC sponsoring the festival had brought in so many more festival goers this year. It was so great to have friends at every turn. Prince Rupert made a fine showing this weekend. Notwithstanding, I was somewhat overwhelmed with the masses, particularly the younger crowd who spent a large part of their time with a drink in their hands. The music was awesome with Hannah Epperson, Jenny Ritter, Joanna Chapman-Smith, Liron Man, CR Avery, Frances and Sarah, Cromoli Brothers to name just a few.

Kispiox Valley Music Festival

Lily, Leif and I were pleased to camp with a whole group of other young families around a centrally (and expertly) hung tarp for cooking and eating. It was a lot of fun with so many kids around. Who wouldn’t love story time with no less than 14 kids sitting in one end of a camp trailer?

Family camping Story time in the Weinstein trailer

The festival’s opening ceremony was really well done this year. We were welcomed by the Gitxsan House of Mauus who’s traditional territory the festival takes place on.

Kispiox Valley Music Festival Opening Ceremonies

Kispiox Valley Music Festival Opening Ceremonies Old Woman

We had a ridiculously fun time. The kids were eager to dress up with their jingly skirts, fake nose rings, beautifully crafted headbands that looked like veiled hats, henna, bindis and face paint. Often with all this bling at the same time.

Nikki Dancing Mamas Taylor and Michelle From afar Maddie, Michelle and Sally Bea

And then she said... and then... Twisted Strings

Locals Jessie FiveDharma Henna Everywhere

There were crafts to make like puppets and tie dyed t shirts. There were glowsticks and “meat on a stick” to beg for every few minutes. Speaking of food, damn, it was good. Having my dad visit until the day before we left for the festival meant that I opted to buy some of our meals over the weekend. Yam and fennel quesadillas with quick sautéed kale side salads, local made hot dogs, smokies and hamburgers, fresh cut chips, halibut tacos…

Taylor and his friend

Without a doubt, and even considering the outstanding food choices and incredible music, the best part of the weekend was the people. Big and little. Friends. Community. It doesn’t get better than that.

TieDye Miss Tutu's Star Blinged out Jingle Gang. Serious and Silly.

Scary Dori!Friends

Cowgirls love rivers.

Best. Strawberries. Ever. By Far. Henna Sun set past the crowds Maddie and Leif Getting out of the hot sun and into the workshop tent to learn about belly dancing Maddie, Leif, Maya, Lily, Ella, Ava

Belly Dance Lesson

At the end of it all, what I realised was that it would be even more fun with Cam along. I didn’t get to enjoy the music as much as I would have liked, especially at night because of being a ‘one man show’ with the kids. Well, not completely. Lily was able to go off with the small group of kids that would occasionally roam together and Leif was so much less shy this year. He actually enjoyed leaving my side and running around with the other kids.

Untitled Clover

Not much beach at the point. The river is high right now.

We’d left Cam at our cabin where he weed-eated and finished working on the new outhouse. It all started with a wind storm blowing down a huge spruce tree about 10 years ago. We dragged it from the bush where it sat and dried and the project was then worked on as time allowed.

The new outhouse

I live in a beautiful place.

Hazelton Rainbow

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3 Responses to Kispiox Music Fest 2012

  1. erin says:

    it is beautiful where you live and visit! the festival looked fun, though i’d identify with the growth changes you observed. growth and popularity can bring less freedoms in some ways. glad it seemed to work for the kids for this year!

    does the outhouse get used in winter? … i’m thinking …brr! nice work cam. is it composting? or, i guess maybe you can’t tend it regularly enough for that?

  2. Annie says:

    It does get used in the winter. One of my favourite times of year at the cabin. It’s not so bad to go out there when you have a warm cook stove going inside. Sometimes the sharp cold is nice after so warm inside! It’s not composting- just a great big hole and then we move it to a new spot. Maybe if we had a garden up there or were there more often composting would make a lot of sense. One day, I hope we live closer!

  3. reta says:

    I like it whenever people come together and share ideas.

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