Can you see the almost camouflaged rufous hummingbird?

Almost Camouflaged

This summer is so much better than last year. Green, cool, sunny (at least part of the time).

So much fun when Dad pulls

Shucking crabGetting late

Back and forth in the wagon

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5 Responses to Green Summer

  1. What a perfect hiding place : ) I’m glad your summer is going well, so green and lush… Here our hills are turning brown and the rivers are dry.

    Best Wishes ~ Marica

  2. Larissa Goruk says:

    what lovely photos! I found the hummingbird…

  3. erin says:

    i love green, but you know that. i’d say it’s green and full of good, shared moments together with family and friends. summer bliss. miss you friend. xo

  4. That hummingbird photo is so great!! Love it.

    Looks like the humans are having a pretty fabulous time too ;)

  5. Annie says:

    Thank you all!! xx

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