Some of these babies I know better than others.

This is Eli and he’s such a beautiful and happy little boy. His mom was kind enough to let me snap some pictures of him while I was visiting their home. I love portrait photography but still need some practice. While I find it easy to say ‘do this’ and ‘move that way’ to my family, I lack a little confidence to do so with others. What better way to learn than to JGTFOI and try.


People have asked many times to hire me to take photos (portraits, family, events) but I can’t help wanting to know I can offer a quality final product before jumping into taking a “job” and charging a fee.

Eli is a perfect little baby to work with because he’s so easy going and approachable. He easily smiles and makes eye contact. I learned a lot from the few photos I took of him. I can’t wait for the next time I can practice on him!


Baby Lucy. Oh, how I love this little baby. I was honoured to be with my friend Erin as she laboured with her second born, just over a year ago. Lucy is so dear to me and I’ve taken many many many photos of her in the past year- often when she has food in her mouth!


Lucy at lunchLucyCuddled into mama

Lucy loves watermelon

This is Sam. I don’t see Sam nearly enough since she and her family moved away. She’s not as easy to photography since she’s always busy and on the move. This difficulty makes me want to try even more to photograph her since she’s like most kids out there. I could use the kind of practice she would provide.

Sam SamAll bundled up!

Mmm... Sam likes bacon, almost as much as she likes to be near Lily

I took these next shots when we were setting up a community art display in the local gallery. I literally went from nailing frames to the wall to dropping on the floor to snap these quick pictures. Tyde is so beautiful! I wish I’d taken a bit more care in the photos but again, the experience offered me some much needed practice and I love the light in the gallery.

Beautiful Tyde


Now if only I could JGTFOI and ask some more local folks to let me take some photos of them, I’m sure I’d get all kinds of great experience. It would be so much handier if there was a local professional photographer doing a similar style of photography that I could work with temporarily for some experience working with clients, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone in my small town.

Nom nom nomSweetness~

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3 Responses to Babies Babies Babies

  1. Ginger says:

    Hey Annie. Great post. I admire your portraits. I’ve got no words of wisdom for you. I’m in the same boat as you. I find it very hard to direct people in my photos. It’s a learning process and a slow one at that because I’m all self-taught. If any of my photos “work”, I look at them as a gift to myself and whoever I share them with. I’ve thought about figuring out a way to make some money taking pictures, but haven’t figured out that yet. I don’t want to spoil something I love to do. Let me know when you get it all figured out!!!

  2. Lynn says:

    I don’t have babies, but if you want to practice on some kids, I’d like to volunteer mine! I have been wanting to get some not-taken-by-mommy portraits. Seriously! Pick me! I love your work.

  3. Annie says:

    Thank you, Ginger. I love your portraits, particularly the ones you did of you with Evan but gosh, your girls are beautiful. Also being self taught, I can appreciate your point of view here. I doubt I’ll ever have it all figured out but I’ll keep you apprised if I move to making money with my craft. I hope you’ll do the same for me if you get there first! xx

    Lynn- That would be great. I’ve a few pictures to send you from the bike rodeo. The light was a bit harsh, at least for photography but there are a few nice ones, even if they aren’t frame on the wall worthy.

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