Just some images from our recent craft fair. One of my next camera gear purchases (who knows when that will be!!) will be a flash, gosh darn it. The indoor gym lighting is hideous, especially when the gym is filled with tables and crafting wares and people making shadows all over the place. I decided to keep my field of vision narrow and focus on some of the gorgeous hand made items the crafter’s were offering. Another difficulty with snapping pictures, was trying to sneak in between the mobs of people. Half the pictures I came home with had a person reaching in or walking through! I should have started earlier in the day!

There were multiple tables with preserves. Oh how there were preserves! In all kinds of jars and such variety of options.

Mary Jane's PreservesMary Jane's Preserves

Carmen's perserves of all kinds

Kathleen’s stunning hand spun wovens (weaves?) and knits.

Kathleen's scarves


Cake pops and cookies in a jar made by Hannah.

Hannah's Cake PopsCookies in a Jar

All kinds of sewn items. Pearl’s hooded towels are always popular!

Alie's quilted itemsPearls's hooded towels

Julia's sweet sewing

Murray made these shadow puppets.

Murray's Shadow Puppets

The Sons of Norway were at the fair again this year, offering coffee and krumkakers.

Sons of Norway

What’s a craft fair without knit and crocheted goods?

Mavis's knitsRobyn's knit hats

Quite a few tables had hand made jewellery with at least one artist selling her handcrafted glass beads.


I was so impressed with Alice’s gorgeous moccasins, as well as the traditionally cured moose and caribou hide bracelets that Amy makes. Amy even made a pair of moose hide mitts with felt liners and (fox?) fur around the cuff. I was in love. It might have also been the herbal creams and salves she made that drew me to her table to most often.

Alice's moccasins

Traditionally tanned moose and cariboo hide bracelets

Tyler worked like crazy to prepare practically last minute with his incredible aromatherapy preparations.


Kostan Lagrace won first prize for best display which was well earned since he built it himself. Kostan’s art is quite remarkable and it was available in print and silkscreened clothing. Darn it, I wish I took a better picture.


Lonnie’s photography wares.

Lonnie's Photography

Diane’s butterfly barrettes.

Diane's Beautiful butterfly barrettes

Home made soaps and cards. Some of the soaps wetted my appetite before I realised what they were!

Dawn's SoapsCards

Melanie's delectable looking soaps

I loved Norman’s hand crafted cedar bird houses. I couldn’t get over the detail and uniqueness of each house. There was other wood working at the fair with wooden toys and puzzles available.


There was so much more that I wasn’t able to capture. Cloth diapers, photography, quilting, pickled salmon, stained glass, pottery, clothing, cookbooks, artwork, wreaths, silk flower arrangements….

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5 Responses to Kaien Island Craft Fair 2011

  1. erin says:

    oh, annie, it looked remarkable!
    how i would love to visit a fair with such actual art happening.
    you captured some really nice images, very telling of the art and the beauty of the displays.
    you seem to have more than a few talented artisans in your neck of the woods!
    your photography art could fit in there so easily.
    just sayin…. : )


  2. Ella says:

    you did an awesome job capturing the details of a craft fair. i’m always turned off the lighting and come home with terrible photos.
    looks like a great and diverse craft event!

  3. Annie says:

    Thank you! I’m already looking forward to next year and making some plans. Hopefully I’ll be even more prepared!

  4. Amber J says:

    I would love to visit a craft fair like this. The table with all the jams and canned goods is such a beautiful image to me after spending many hours putting by this summer and fall.

  5. vadie bond says:

    i just found your blog as i was looking for the craft fair.those are wonderful pictures it captures the “home” made feel a little something for everyone. will you be the contact person for 2013.i heard you may not be :(

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