I had so many photos from our weekend away to celebrate BC Rivers Day that I thought I would share a few more here. You can click to see photos bigger or more of them.

SP on the highway

We saw a black bear along the way. He was minding his own business when in typical tourist fashion we pulled over to snap pictures of him. He was almost curious at first and then ran when Kep barked from the back of the canopy wondering why we’d stopped. He turned back for one last look before sauntering into the bush.

He moved cautiously

Tansy first thing in the morningBulkley ValleyMorning cookies!

Leaving the market

The farmer’s market has changed quite a bit since the last time I’d attended, some eight years ago when Lily was still small. We bought cookies, hot chocolate, a bouquet of flowers, local honey and garlic. I wish I could shop at this market each week! There was fresh produce, bread and baking, pottery, art of all kinds, fresh steaming chai, pony rides… oh it was wonderful. I enjoyed meeting new people and the meaningful, as well as casual conversations.

Farmer's MarketFarmer's MarketFarmer's MarketPony rides

We could have spent more time than we did in the garden. There was a great deal ready to harvest, however the cold fall weather dampened our enthusiasm. I love all the volunteer herbs and flowers scattered around the garden space. My friend picked the last of her tomatoes, basil and cucumber while I started the seemingly endless task of picking peas. I would go over one section only to see that there were still more peas hiding in plain sight. We filled the basket to overflowing and added some broccoli as well to the pile. All the while the kids ran, played, picked raspberries, jumped on the trampoline, chased the dogs and snacked on peas.

Some of the harvestAbundantSunflowerSwing

PoppyBrusell Sprouts

Less teenyOnionCutting broccoli for supper

I love peas! Eating them, shucking them while chatting, sneaking a few here and there… Some of these peas made it into our supper but the majority were put in the freezer for later.

Ready for freezing

LocalAnd there were still more to pickThere were still plenty of raspberries to snack onHarvesting

I love the time spent with Taimarie and family. I’m reminded of a topic that has been coming up lately about friendships that “fit” and those that don’t. When friendships really fit well it feels good to be around each other and when you part ways you feel better off for the time spent together. Everyone’s cup feels full. That’s not to say that there aren’t a few scuffles from time to time but you’re left feeling energised, balanced and that the best parts of you shine through. Like it’s easy to be the parent you strive to be. We are very lucky to have many such friends.

Slow Play

Slow PlaySlow PlaySlow Play

We left reluctantly but had to get back for piano and badminton lessons and Taimarie’s family needed to get back to their productive lives and family visit.


Good Morning

We need some tunes while we eat our breakfast!IMGP8508Dori

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  1. Bridie says:

    I feel a real sense of peace just reading about this trip and feelings of home in the truest sense. It looks sounds like you had a seriously fulfilling time! So beautiful : )

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