We celebrated BC Rivers Day in the Bulkley Valley with friends. Many of you are already aware of the fact but we’re trying to move back to area in the near future. We have been humming and hawing about where we’d like to set down roots after so many moves. This isn’t an easy task when you live in such a huge, diverse province. We could be happy in a number of communities in BC but Smithers always comes back to being the best choice for our particular family. Cam grew up in Smithers and it always feels like “home” when we’re there. Best to leave this topic to another post….

The floatilla down the Bulkley River started in the small whistle-stop of Quick and ended in the slightly larger small community of Telkwa. It was a good two hour float for those of us in rafts and quite a bit quicker for those in canoes. Overall, there were about 75 people in 35 boats.

Looks like Dori's ready to pull to boat in the waterA girl and her licorice stickThis old deeg of mine

Almost everyone



Enjoying the float with mama

The river was very high and muddy making fishing a waste of time. The high water also meant there was very little in the way of exciting waves or rapids, which the kids always enjoy. We did find a couple small areas of turbulent water to float through, much to the kids delight. Here’s another raft indulging their kids in the same way.

Yay! Big water

There was a wild sockeye salmon bbq in Telkwa thanks to the SkeenaWild Conservation Trust with dilled potatoes and locally made crusty bread. We ate our meals with real plates and cutlery instead of disposable versions. It reminded me of big community meals in Nanaimo with the South End Community Association.

There was plenty of play on a nearby rock outcrop next to the river and fantastic music in the gazebo.

Hey, what's that?!LeapingBBQ

Almost mirror image


We ended the day with Heather’s incredible soup, fresh picked salad and local bread. A perfect conclusion to a day on the water.

SupperSupperSupper ambience


(Click on any of the photos to see them bigger…)

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3 Responses to BC Rivers Day

  1. Malva says:

    The Smithers area is so beautiful. I’ve always felt that people lived there intentionally, unlike Terrace where people land by accident. The area around Driftwood Hall on Telkwa High Rd (think i remember correctly) is especially georgeous.-

  2. k says:

    that looks like such a fun day, every little bit of it. i don’t know northern BC at all, but i keep trying to get time to go up and explore. you are right – there is just too much diversity in BC, and it’s hard to get around to see it all. someday i hope too though.

  3. Annie says:

    Malva- That’s very near where my husband grew up!

    K- If you come up we’d be happy to help show you the area!

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