A walk in the woods and along the creek

I love this short hike along the creek near Diana Lake. So many little things to see tucked in beside the boardwalks and amongst the tall trees. Wild flowers, moss, lichen, mushrooms, huckleberry bushes (no fruit yet!)… It’s always more fun to come and explore with friends.

Shelf fungusSmallShelf fungus

Freckle Pelt

Please remind me what these are?SoftFish live here

Lily playing at being a horse with her horsetail tucked in her belt loop. (I have post coming about this wonderful herb, horsetail.)

My little pony

Steve taught the kids how to make a whistle with a piece of grass. Can you believe I didn’t know either? No one has ever actually showed me this simple skill and I’ve never asked before today. Thank you Steve and Kris!

Making a whistle

Making a whistle

We can’t wait to come back when the huckleberries are ready to be picked!

Teeny Binoculars?

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13 Responses to A Walk Along The Creek

  1. debra says:

    mmmmm – i’d like to join you for a hike there! just my kind of wonderful.

  2. denise says:

    what a beautiful place. i could totally live there. :) and that last photo? awesome!

  3. k says:

    looks so refreshing, in amongst the trees. a magical forest trail for sure.

  4. Courtney says:

    Hunts Inlet – have you been there as of yet on Porcher Island?… you and family would enjoy a day there… walking around and exploring, maybe tenting there as well. Though you would have to travel on the water, Hunts is not tidal so you would not need to worry about tides like Oona, plus there is no electricity, roads etc there, just walking paths. Two of my family friends – Billy and Ennis Greene and Andrea Anderson have cabins there and I’ve been meaning to plan a weekend out there some time this summer; Trev, Arlen, Marcus have not been to Hunts as of yet and it is one of my most favorite places for sure!! Courts xo

  5. Annie says:

    Wouldn’t that be great, Debra? I’d love to explore with you and the girls!

    Thanks, Denise! Lily was having such a good time being silly with our friends.

    You would love this trail, K; it would remind you of home!

    We should go together sometime, Courtney! We were heading out there one weekend and ended up finding Shannon and Ben at Heideaway beach instead. I’d still love to go there!

  6. dawnsuzette says:

    looks like another beautiful spot in your neck of the woods… I do love those boardwalks!
    PLEASE do share something wonderful about horsetail… so that I may have a better opinion of the plant. They are ALL OVER my garden! :)

  7. ~Chelsea~ says:

    Such wonderful shades of green! Glad you learned the wonder of the grass whistle! I’ve always loved to do that and Eibhlin was starting to get it last year . . .


  8. Kim says:

    That trail looks so alive!
    And I can’t wait to hear more about horsetail… I have an entire garded bed that’s been taken over with the stuff. I was thinking of pulling it all and composting but perhaps now I’ll wait and see what else can be done with it.

  9. erin says:

    I’m not surprised there would be a wealth of goodness in horsetail…it is a prehistoric plant and can do amazing things like break through concrete, and sink its’ roots down 15′. A wonder plant!

    you have such beauty out your way and no end of places to explore….and a wealth of near by friends to share time with…something i really miss. if a few more folks were just a little closer…!

  10. Annie says:

    Dawn- I love boardwalks too! I’d like to add those to the trails at our cabin. Make for some easier walking in wet weather.

    I better get typing about horsetail! Not all of it is worth keeping; care is needed when choosing where to harvest since it’s very good at picking up heavy metals and such from the soil. You don’t want to pick it from overly fertilised areas or irrigation run off. It’s also best to harvest mid spring.

    Erin- I’m so glad that I’m making friends here and so soon! I’ve had to take some chances and put myself out there to do it but it’s so worth it! I wish we lived near each other…

  11. Marlene says:

    So fun. I have just been doing the grass-whistling with my kids, too. I forgot to mention it can be sharp. so our first grass-cut has been had. I had forgotten about this completely, until I saw a patch of it in the alley. Nice to see others whistling along, too.

  12. Annie says:

    Grass cut?! Ouch. We’ll take care with some of that grass!

  13. elementsofmylife says:

    I’m laughing at myself for not taking a closer look at this post earlier. I experienced wonder in the bright shades of green in that first photo, laughter – Lily’s placement of the horse tail and surprise – that you hadn’t learned the grass whistling technique either.

    In the last week of school I relearned that skill and it was surprising how long it took for me to remember just how to do it. I was having so much fun playing out in the field with my old class and our whistles and honks were hilarious!

    Oh summer… so much fun!

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