When I think about what things I love I can come up with a small list. I could probably live without these things but I don’t want to.

I love…

Tami’s Soaps. My favourite’s are the essential oil ones like Peppermint Teatree, Oh Baby, Spearmint Rosemary, and Lavender Ripple. They’re amazing and look good enough to almost eat. Almost. At first when they arrived at my house I was worried about how strong they smelt but they quickly mellowed and smelt wonderful when I used them.

Scott Noelle. I’ve enjoyed reading Scott’s thoughts and ideas on life and parenting for about five years now and love receiving his Daily Groove daily inspirational messages. I took part in one of his first group phone counselling sessions which was stimulating and helped me feel energised and centred in my parenting.

The Continuum Family. I love this store for all my baby supply needs. I especially love the one wet style training pants. There are the gorgeous Eco Nix and also another version made by Deirdre, the store owner, herself. Other awesome items are trim wool soaker for over underpants for extra protection, pouch slings, Becco Carriers, Hug A Lugs, split crotch pants, t shirt gowns, co-operative games, wet bags/emergency potties, baby potties, wool soaker pads….. Deirdre always goes out of her way to help you find what it is you need.

Red Threads. Paxye is so creative and her attention to the small details on every item she’s made is wonderful.

Quadrilla Marble Runs. Oh my word are these things fun. Our set is put away at the moment since Leif was always trying to eat the marbles but I think it’s about time we pull it out again. This thing is fun for every member in the family. It’s so fun to build!

Soapnuts. I buy my soapnuts from this Quebec company. Affordable, completely biodegradeable and effective. You only need a few nut shells for a few loads of laundry and then they can be composted. Good as liquid soap for various tasks like dishes, washing your car, washing your pet, body soap, natural and safe pesticide…. I get 144 washes for under $20!

Green Beaver Toothpaste. I freaking love this toothpaste. Talk about something I could live without but wouldn’t want to. The Cilantro Mint will always remind me of being pregnant with Leif. These toothpaste’s are 100% Natural, biodegradable, vegan, gluten free and safe for all ages. Not to mention how great they taste. Is it any wonder my kids want to brush their teeth multiple times a day.

They do not contain: Paraben or hydantoin preservatives, sulfate detergents, artificial aromas, fragrances or dyes, phthalates, quaternium, EDTA, propylene glycol or petrolatum, Fluoride, artificial flavours or aromas, dyes, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), chemical whiteners, propylene glycol, preservatives.

eta. We now use a similar toothpaste but *with* fluoride.

Denman Island Chocolate. Chocolate, hazelnuts, candied ginger, raspberry, espresso, mint, orange… Need I say more?

Chariot Stroller. This thing is amazing. It’s a stroller for in town, has a big wheel for off road, a towing package for pulling behind a bike, it has Karhu skiies for cross country skiing and a hiking package to boot. Even if I was carrying my kids in the sling or becco I still loved this stroller for putting an enormous amount of groceries in. Now when my son isn’t on my back he loves to stand on the seat and my daughter will walk or sit just inside the foot well.

This is a picture right before a morning run out in Fort Steele, BC.

Out for a run at Fort Steele

Handysitt. I can’t stand big ugly plastic take up too much space high chairs. This thing is so cool. It’s easy to take with us and doesn’t take up any extra room when it’s in use or travelling with us. Best part is it fits 7 months to over 4 years old.

3 Responses to What things do you love?

  1. paxye says:

    Awww… you are so sweet!!!

    the boys use that toothpaste too… they love the green apple!

  2. Annie says:

    Green Apple is the only kind I haven’t tried! I haven’t seen it for sale yet. I’ll have to try it if I see it.

  3. sophia sunshine says:

    Cilantro Mint. Can you actually get away with that around dh?

    Thanks to your suggestion I’m off sensodyne (for now anyways). I switched to it in mint after getting temp sensitive with Tom’s. Kevin can’t have this kind because of the xantham gum but it works for me and is MADE IN CANADA. Man is it ever good! Thanks for your suggestion:)

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