The forecast was calling for rain but the weather was looking otherwise so I took my friends to the top of Mount Hayes to see some spectacular views.

(These are nice when look at them bigger by clicking, especially if you can click on it again in flickr and see it even bigger with the black background.)

Prince Rupert when the weather's getting moody

We drove most of the way to the top and hiked the rest.

Last part of the hike to the lookout

Half the sky was blue sky and puffy white clouds but the moody, grey half was slowly overtaking. Rain turned to snow this high up on the mountain and we enjoyed the light flurries a great deal.

The weather is moving in behind Kevin

There was a lot of play in the snow along the way, even for Kep. I’m impressed that my new deeg ran the whole way to the top and still had energy to bound through the deep snow banks.

(click this picture to see some more snow play…)

Snowball fights!

Playing with Kep

It’s fun to have visits with friends! It was a year ago when I was eating lunch with Paxye in this same lookout spot at the top of Mount Hayes.

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5 Responses to A Hike In Snow

  1. Jan/Gramma Jan says:

    Great pictures! Hope to do that hike with you sometime. Still think you should consider photo journalism at some point…you definitely have the ‘eye’. Kids look cold but happy! Thanks, J

  2. erin says:

    It looked fun! We had a very cold day with hail and slush on the windshield but still got out to the playground for a soggy play :)

    It looks funny here to see K in a t-shirt….you know it’s April and not January!!

  3. Lynn says:

    Wow, gorgeous pictures! I love being reminded how stunning this place is.

  4. Jacinda says:

    Those first 2 photo are stunning. Totally.

  5. denise says:

    beautiful views! my, i miss mountains and water.

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