I took the opportunity of an upcoming visit with friends and then later, family to get on with rearranging and reclaiming my sewing room. I needed to make a guest space available for a longer stay so took apart the futon bed frame and set it up upstairs in the second bedroom. It’s a perfect fit.


We decided not that long ago that we had to remove the carpet in the hallway and front bedroom (my sewing room). While it looked clean and new when we moved in, it didn’t smell that way and got progressively more terrible looking with each chocolate milk or paint stain dropped on it. Kep came along and puked on it a couple times and a friend’s baby was exploring during a dinner party and peed on it. That was the last straw and we started ripping it out the next night. The floor wasn’t in as bad shape as I was expecting. It didn’t have nails sticking out of the hardwood or large slivers of wood waiting to stab our feet. On the other hand, it was worst off than I expected with a few missing boards along the walls, replaced with plain lumber and a curiously large gauge along one board the length of the room.

Bits and Bobs

It’s likely we won’t bother refinishing these fir (softwood) floors. With the kids and dogs, it’s the kind of thing we would likely wait to do before we are looking to sell this house. It seems like the more sensible thing to do would be to put in all new hardwood throughout so there aren’t any transitions between the rooms. With Cam’s expertise, we can do this relatively affordably.

MindfulnessHmmm....My beloved Husky

Working on this little rose for Lily

I’m loving my reclaimed sewing space. Before the reorganisation, the kids were often found in this room playing on the futon bed with a rainbow canopy set up over top. It was a neat space that functioned as a pretend house, airplane, bank, outer space and many other interesting backdrops. I can’t say I miss it, at least I won’t once we find a new place to set up the rainbow canopy. I now have more room to move around and for another dresser to hold the many crafty supplies that have being building up on my cutting table. We have great plans for a built in bench seat and shelving unit around the window, but for now these dressers will do.


I love my sewing machine. I will always cherish this special gift from my mother in law, who gave it to me when Cam and I were newly married. The manual is neatly labelled with her name and the year before I was born.

My beloved Husky

Lily and Leif were quick to set up a play space under my cutting table.

A picnic under my cutting table

Looks like a nice day for a picnic! I think I’m going to follow suit and head outside while the sun is still shining. I hope you are all having a wonderful wednesday!

7 Responses to Rearranged and Reclaimed

  1. Annie says:

    I spoke too soon! It started to hail and now it’s raining like crazy!

  2. paxye says:

    It looks gorgeous!!! I love the way the floors look!! A perfect space!

  3. Hillary says:

    I love that red bureau in the door frame.

  4. Lindsay says:

    Looks fantastic! Very inviting and cozy. :)

  5. erin says:

    I’m loving what you’ve done… so colorful and it really reflects all of you, and various contributions and talents in this post. Can’t wait to see how the floors progress too! I imagine you are going to have some great projects take hold and some others cross the “finished” line!!

    I know when I get to some long delayed tasks it sets so much “flow” going in the spaces around me. Right now this is happening out in the gardens where some projects were left undone and i’m finishing them creating movement of other energy, too. Make sense? Like a feng shui thing i suppose :)


  6. tai says:

    It looks beautiful Annie! Like a place you’ll want to spend time creating. You have the coolest sewing machine around- the little knobs and gear bits are amazing. And that little play scene is so cute. I love the way they are laying on their tummies.

  7. tamara says:

    New to your blog and I will definitely come back again to visit. I am floor girl myself and have ripped carpets out of every home we’ve been in. Some floors were scary others okay. Your floor looks pretty good and ready to take on kids and dogs :)
    Love the old sewing machine and memories that come with it. And we have the same doll house, yay!

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