I saw these words as the end of Brene Brown’s TED video about The Power of Vulnerability. An amazing talk and worth watching, by the way. It got me thinking about acceptance but instead of from the perspective of accepting my loved partner in life, thinking about how I accept and love myself.

I do love myself. Really. But maybe I could show myself a little more.

Recently I bought a full length mirror because the only mirror in the house is the small one over the bathroom sink. The new mirror  is still in the packaging and has been propped up uselessly next to Oscar’s bed upstairs. I guess I’m not in much of a habit of looking at myself. It somehow made it’s way downstairs and the kids have been having a lot of fun looking at themselves, examining different faces and emotions on themselves, seeing themselves dressed up, drawing on and cleaning the mirror.

I’ve been playing around with some self portraits. Thing is, I don’t have a camera lens that will see myself if I hold it at arm’s length. Sure, I could set the tripod up and the self timer but I’ve been enjoying a few self portraits quick, right before I head out the door. They’re kind of like status updates: Good Morning, Getting cold enough to pull out the long underwear, On my way out for a run, Do I look as silly as my husband’s persistent laughter insinuates…

On my way out for a runBut I really wanted to wear capris...Good Morning!Time to pull out the long underwear

It’s been kinda fun and I decided to make a series of them. Just for fun and in a way to love myself. I’m not usually very photogenic so this will be an opportunity to either change that with the practice of taking routine photos of myself or to learn acceptance for the way I continually look moronic. Ironically, I love having my photo taken. Well, I guess more accurately, I love having photos of myself to look back on. To see how I change or remember a moment or day or…

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7 Responses to I Am Enough.

  1. Annie says:

    Not photogenic? I think these self-portraits are lovely :)

  2. Elle says:

    You look great!

  3. Bridie says:

    I’ve been enjoying these pictures as you’ve posted them and had to chuckle at our difference in perspective as I read this entry: I’ve always thought you were very photogenic.

    Over the last few months I’ve been able to silence my VERY LOUD inner critic, which came with surprising ease considering the length of time she’s been talking : )

    Just over the last week, that silencing has shifted into something else: a new internal dialogue somehow effortlessly focused on saying positive things (about me!)

    I really can say I am enough and mean it. And it’s game changing.


  4. Erin says:

    I love the Brene Brown Ted Talk!…I posted it in the SelfDesign kindergarten conference awhile back. I’ve really enjoyed your SP’s…and they offer me confidence to share myself more and to look openly at myself, without scrutiny or rose colored glasses of sorts. Just to see myself and marvel in who I am, how one-of-a-kind I am and to remember the things I love about myself. Whenever I am disconnected to others, I am coming to recognize that it is time for self-care and self-love, to reconnect to mySELF, however that looks for me.

  5. Annie says:

    Thanks, girls!

    Bridie- Do you think it’s easier to ignore that inner critic (mine is named Joan) as we get older? Loving yourself isn’t always easy but so worth it for ourselves and the people we live and work with, don’t you think? When we’re truly happy then we help others feel that way.

    Erin- I’m so glad that you’re feeling more confident in sharing more of yourself too. All the better for the rest of us. You are such a wonderful person. Your words really resonate with me.


  6. debra says:

    this is such a cyclical theme for me, annie, and that TED talk struck some chords with me as well. it’s as if i forget to connect with myself, have some compassion and find joy in Me, and then everything else starts to disconnect as well…and then something reminds me, and I work back to some kind of acceptance…It’s all something I want to nurture in my kids, so that helps me keep working on it…
    I always really enjoy the glimpses you give us of yourself – I think you’re lovely!!

  7. Kelly says:

    you look lovely! not particularly photogenic myself…but you look adorable!

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