This summer, my friend Shannon and I announced grand intentions to take this year’s winter craft fair by storm. Life got in the way though, as it often does and we didn’t make nearly all that we’d hoped to. The soap didn’t happen, neither did the wings or the jam or the felted fruit and veg… Shannon and her kids got it together but most of our contribution was rather last minute.

The two Lilys made bouquets out in the cold fresh air the day before the fair.

Rosy from making bouquets in the coldBouquets

Here are the bath bombs we all made and a few rainbow stars I folded the night before.

Bath bombs on display

Lily and her mother made three kinds of apple butter. Lavender, maple spice and salal berry. The apples were all picked from an old orchard planted on the remote island they live on and the salal berries were also picked locally.

Three kinds of apple butter

My Lily made a handful of cootie catchers all by herself with pretty origami paper.

Cootie Catchers!

My friend, Natalie sparked the memory of wanting to make hobo ‘staches and beards and so I whipped up a handful of different styles the night before the fair. With the lack of time, I wasn’t able to put the same amount of quality and care into the final product but I was still happy with them. They were so fun to wear!

Hee hee!

Hobo 'stache

Lily and Maya made many tree ornaments, cocoa ginger cookies, beautiful hair bows and small packages of tea blends. They also made potpouri with cedar and pine twigs, spruce cones, candied oranges, walnuts, tiny acorns, cloves and more. I have a bowl scenting my dining room as I type. It smells just like winter to me! I made some cold tea remedy packages as well.

Tree Ordaments

The kids helped write out the signs for the goodies being sold.

Writing out signsCookies

We really wanted to offer the kids the opportunity to create their own wares, experience selling them to the public and make some money doing it. They definitely experienced every part of the process even if their interest and attention span for staying at the table wasn’t on 100%. There were so many other booths to see and pocket money to spend. At the end of the day, a fantastic time was had by all!

We won!!

And can you believe that The Prince Rupert Art’s Council presented us with first place for the best table step up! Shannon, the veteran craft fair vendor, must take all the credit for the prize though. She and the kids did a fantastic job! I’m so looking forward to next year already.

First Prize!

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8 Responses to Winter Craft Fair

  1. anna thompson says:

    participating in craft fairs are fun! its great to include the kids too.

  2. That’s so awesome! I remember you speaking of the home learners’ craft fair in Nanaimo with such excitement and making those bath bombs shortly after… I’m so glad that you, your kiddos, and your friends had the chance to fully participate this year. I’ve done dreadfully little in preparation for our Christmas craft fair!

  3. Lindsay says:

    Sounds like so much fun! I’d love to do something like that with the kids one year (or every year!).

  4. jenny says:

    So much fun! Our local craft fair is this weekend and I am SO looking forward to seeing all the homegrown pieces. Plan to get some Christmas shopping done :) I think it’s really wonderful that you all did this together. I just adore those hobo ‘stashes! I want to make some for my kids! Congrats on the booth love :)

  5. Annie says:

    Thanks everyone! I hope you all enjoy your own local craft fairs. xx

  6. Justine says:

    I am in awe as always at your craftiness.

  7. Debbie says:

    WOW – you guys had so much GREAT stuff. I’m incredibly inspired. A good friend of mine and I have talked about having a booth next year at our farmers market – but a craft fair…that would be cool. xo

  8. natalie says:

    You’re all an inspiration:: I am so looking forward to making some beards and bath bombs.

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