Relatively speaking Vancouver is not that big of a city but it’s big for us! I’m always amazed walking down the busy streets to see how fashionable and put together everyone is. People always seem in a rush to get somewhere or connect with others via their phones. Chatting and texting is everywhere and all the time. I feel like a fish out of water, which is strange because I grew up in the lower mainland. I like small town living and I like spending time outside without the phone ringing.

I don’t dread everything about what comes along with a visit to the city. I love seeing my family which I mentioned in my previous post. I also appreciated being able to do a bit of shopping in real life as opposed to buying sight unseen online. We were able to do some thrift shopping and went to MEC. I bought an external hard drive from Costco to hold all my photos and I even got to go to Ikea for a look see. I braved the Richmond mall (without Cam, who flatly refused to go) with my mother’s help to fill some of our clothing gaps, like jeans for my growing children.

We went to Steveston one day to go for lunch with some family. It’s been years since I’d been there last. Steveston is a historic fishing village near Richmond, BC. With it’s fishing boats lining the docks and it’s charming old buildings and wooden sidewalks, it’s nice to see it thriving.

Out for a walk before lunch with family

Steveston Museum

Leif is going through a bit of a phase right now where he only wants to eat fish. Okay, he’ll eat more than fish but it’s the first thing he asks for when he’s hungry. Needless to say, we’ve been eating a lot of fresh and canned wild salmon these days and he was so excited to get his own order of halibut fish and chips.

Waiting for fish and chips

Cam got a shot of us with my aunt and cousin. Gosh, it’s hard living so far from family. I’ve decided to stop dwelling on how much I miss them and work on convincing them to move wherever we move.


My dad took my kids for a ride on his Harley. Leif and Lily were so excited but Leif had me laughing at how serious he was taking this business. He silently held on and patiently waited while we all got comfortable with the idea that he would in fact be able to hold on for a slow ride around the block. He loved every minute!

Cool like Grampa

Hang on!Making crisp with auntie JaneHorseshoe Bay

All in all it was a fabulous first week of our trip. I’m not sure when we’ll be down next. I’d wanted to see friends during this visit and we didn’t see one while in Vancouver. I was so disappointed. Lily and I both need dental work done so we’ll have to try and find a way down again and I’ll make a better effort to connect with all my missed friends then.

I love Hydrangeas!

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3 Responses to The Big City

  1. Barbara says:

    You know that Leif and Lily are going to tell you ALL about that Harley ride when they are in their 50’s…and perhaps a few times before then…:) Magic moments.

    It was terrific to see you.


  2. Annie says:

    Thanks Barbara! I was so glad to see you too. I have no doubt that that Harley ride will stick in their memory. I’ll admit though I hope it doesn’t grow into the passion it is for my dad!

  3. erin says:

    I will feel more comfortable being “me” when we leave the lower mainland. The fashoinista tendencies are on high, even out our way, as is the constant presence of technology. Just yesterday we went for a hike up a small mountain and a woman (very fashionable for the forest-ha!) was talking on her I-phone. As we were scooting down rocks and ooohing and aaahing over the mist on the lake-water and at the teeniest of mushrooms we were finding…not sure if she noticed much at all.

    I love the freedom to let go of that…the modern day “trappings” (interesting word, that–trappings…like one is quite literally trapped by their stuff!), and I look sooo forward to being in a place more like where you are, to just embrace the important things…family, kids, nature, seasons, local food, dressing our family for comfort and buying thrifted, “be”-ing in the moment more…on the farm I can feel that freedom, but once I pack up and head to town things are so very different. Everyone matches, has the same expensive gear and is in a hurry. I do like standing out in an alternative way, but don’t find much company in the sharing of our values, as you know.

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