Reversible apron

I finally got around to finishing my reversible apron. The pattern is from Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing. I originally bought this pattern book for the sun hat and I’ve since discovered a couple things about myself.

1. I have a slightly larger woman’s head than average. The hat was too small and I have to make a second one. Thankfully, this one fits Lily just fine.

2. I have a slightly smaller body around than average, at least if you go by the patterns in this book. The apron is a tad on the big size which is a shame because I ended up not using the patterned fabric I originally bought for this apron. I just didn’t have enough. Fortunately this project is so simple, a new apron with the right fabric can be finished in a couple hours.

Reversible apron

I wouldn’t say I’m a master seamstress but this book is too simple for my tastes. I still plan on making a few more things out of the book but with each project I use the instructions loosely. There are a lot of tricks and simple steps that can be added to make the project easier and more successful.

Lily’s always the eager model! I’m thankful since I don’t have the right lenses to take a picture of myself! I’m going to finish aprons for both Lily and Leif before I work on my second one.

Reversible apron

6 Responses to Simple Reversible Apron

  1. Dawn Suzette says:

    I have that book too and had my eye on the apron. You did a wonderful job with it. So sweet.
    What else do you think you might make? I made one of the bags but tweaked it a little bit. I like the way it came out.

  2. Annie says:

    Thanks! I have fabric to make the door stop which would be very useful here. Lily also wants to make a bag mostly by herself.

  3. jenny says:

    It’s so great! I don’t have the book… and I’m not sure I want it now :) I’m kind of liking the idea of just buying a straight up pattern these days. I feel like when I buy a book, I end up making one or two things and then fizzle out… maybe I’m looking in the wrong places. In any case, the apron is lovely and you’ve inspired me! I love your embroidery touches.

  4. laura says:

    I agree-although this book is beautifully photographed, it is very simple. Your apron turned out great! I always end up using my timer and taking 30 photos or so when trying to photograph projects on myself!

  5. Steph says:

    The apron is very pretty, I have good intentions to make one. I want to make the hat too but my head is freakshly large and it looks like the sizing for that hat is problematic enough.

  6. angelina says:

    thanks , i ‘ll have to fish up this pattern i think..your girl is beautiful..x

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