I was never much of a cinnamon admirer. If a recipe called for 1 tsp, I’d add half or skip it all together. It’s completely fascinating to me that as I learn more about the healing effects of cinnamon, I’m enjoying the flavour of it much more. I’m not skimping when adding cinnamon to recipes anymore and I’ll even look for recipes that showcase this wonderful spice.


Cinnamon is very useful when you’re feeling cold, dealing with colds or flu, mild fever, coughs with clear runny or white mucus, vomiting or indigestion, diarrhoea or dysentery, gas, cramps or even if you want to whiten your teeth.

Cinnamon Paste

You can make a paste by mixing honey and cinnamon together until you get the desired paste-like consistency. This is great for warming yourself quickly during the winter. It’s also a good way for fighting off colds and flu when there are strong chills and a low fever. It helps relieve coughs with runny, clear to white mucus and easing stomach aches. Just 1/4- 1/2 tsp two or more times a day as needed.

A paste made with water and cinnamon powder can be applied to your forehead and temples to help ease headaches brought on by cold air.

Cinnamon tea is delicious and easy to make with either cinnamon bark or powder. Add honey to taste! Perfect for indigestion.


Lily and Leif usually have a cinnamon stick to suck or chew on while out on a cold day’s walk.

Cinnamon is apparently good for increasing your milk supply. I’ve also read that finely ground cinnamon powder is an effective tooth whitener. Something else I’ve read about but have yet tried is that cinnamon will deter ants! You can sprinkle on your counters or other ant problem areas and they won’t cross the powder.

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14 Responses to Cinnamon

  1. latisha says:

    teeth whitener! i’m going to have to try this. my 2 year old loves to chew on the sticks too.

    we like to add some ground rose hips for some extra vitamin C boost to our honey/cinn paste too.

    great pics and great post!

  2. Kelly says:

    This is great information about cinnamon! Where do you find helpful tips like this? Do you have a good book or site you turn to for natural remedies such as herbs and spices?

  3. Sarah says:

    I love cinnamon, absolutely love it! I always put in more than the recipe suggests ;)

    We’ve been having in porridge the last few weeks and it’s oh so good! I never knew all those interesting things about it, thanks!
    Strangely, I’ve never chewed on a stick either, I’m going to give that a try soon. Thanks!

  4. natalie says:

    I’ve always thought that recipes never suggest enough cinnamon so I always add 4 or 5 times more. Thanks for all this information. I especially love the cinnamon stick for warmth on a cold days walk. Will be trying the cinnamon tea and the honey too.

  5. Debbie says:

    Mmmm! LOVE cinnamon. We use in just about everything that can tolerate it’s strong scent and taste. So healing. xo

  6. Lindsay says:

    I love the idea of sucking on cinnamon sticks. I’m going to try that. I’m another who loves cinnamon and always puts in more. :D

  7. Erin says:

    More cinnamon please! We add it copiously to porridge, to apple sauce and pear sauce that top our french toasts and pancakes, and I’m going to stock up on sticks to try for the cold outdoor days. Love that idea. My oldest boy loves to chew things, should be a hit! I like to buy a nice quality cinnamon when I can. Cinnamon and cardamom are my two favourite warming spices. Chai tea time soon!!

  8. paxye says:

    The cinnamon/honey paste worked so great for me when I was sick. I will definitely keep it in our usual remedies.

    I love cinnamon… when I was younger I used to go study at coffee shops in Montreal and in the Winter I would get a hot cider that came with a cinnamon stick and it would follow me for the rest of the day…

  9. Dawn Suzette says:

    Lovin’ cinnamon here too…
    Wonderful information Annie. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Dana says:

    Your blog is so unique and one of the few I’ve bookmarked out there & chk in periodically to read … but anyways… thank you for the cinammon info–great timing! I’ve always loved it but never knew it held so many health benefits. Also, the ants just recently surfaced again at my kitchen window, so I’m off to sprinkle it to keep them away. You just saved me a trip to the hardware store.

  11. Kim says:

    My son is just starting to come down with a seasonal cold, I think I’ll try the honey/cinnamon paste!
    Cinnamon is also good at regulating your blood sugar levels, so it’s great for diabetics.

  12. kate mcloughlin says:

    Cinnamon is great for lowering blood sugar in type 2 diabetics, chromium and cinnamon is recommended for gestational diabetes

  13. jenny says:

    I am not a big fan of the taste of cinnamon, but I love the smell. Carrying the cinnamon sticks on walks is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  14. borealis50 says:

    Tumeric can also be made into a paste with honey to fight mucus, etc. I’ve tried that, but as I’m a cinnamon lover, I’m going to give it a try too. Lovely work on this blog by the way.

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