We had the most amazing weekend! I was wishing so often that I had my good camera to capture all the fun. My pictures aren’t that great so you’ll just have to take my word for it when I say that was one of the funniest weekends ever! (You can click to see a few more photos I took if you want…)

Heading to the Edge Of The World

I was anxious about the ferry ride because of it’s duration and it’s reputation for being rough out there in open water. It turned out to be pretty smooth sailing with only a little turbulence from time to time. We even got a tour of the bridge thanks to my friend knowing a crew member aboard. They have an incredible view up there and they encouraged Lily to take the wheel and steer the ship (although it was actually sailing on auto pilot at the time).

Bleached crabbies everywhere

I think the best part of the weekend was the friends we made. So generous to pick us up from the ferry, offer us a space to pitch our tents and inviting us to share in the group made meals. I was left feeling like I would never be able to thank them enough. My kids were left talking (and talking) about how much they miss seeing these new friends every day.

Skinny dipping the ocean

Obviously there was music and dancing, and oh baby, did I dance.

There was food like smoked salmon sushi and locally grown salad with miso dressing and hummus and flat bread.There was ice cream and kettle corn, fruit and chocolate. Felted art, group beatboxing, feather cape making and hula hooping. We washed dishes and napped and ran around with friends. We met rock stars, blew bubbles and voted for the best outhouse. There was skinny dipping in the ocean before the festival each day and beach combing for bleached crabs and shells. There was time around the fire to chat, laugh and connect.

Jesse from Scatterheart

We came home with smiles and email addresses shoved in my pockets. I can’t wait for my next trip over to Haida Gwaii. Next time I vow to take my bike and camera!

Tlell Beach

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9 Responses to I Danced!

  1. Jenny says:

    awesome video – dd and i laughed,
    played the video and laughed again.
    happy days….

  2. Jo says:

    I’m so glad you had a good time. Can you see why we love it so much now??

    Is that a woman called Caire in your photo? Her kids are about the same age as mine (in fact her daughter was born the day before Fin). Good friends of ours from Sandspit.

    I wish we could have gone to that too… I believe there’s a “Sandstock” coming up in the fall in Sandspit – perhaps we should all make the effort to head over for that one :)

  3. Debbie says:

    What a beautiful picture of you, Annie.

    Sounds like a a fantastic weekend. So glad you got to dance. :) xo

  4. Annie says:

    Thanks girls! xx I was so glad to dance. Seriously had the best time.

    I don’t think this is the same woman, although I’m sure it would be great to meet her! The two women on the left in the above photo live in Masset and the one on the right is from Prince Rupert. I totally know it’s not the greatest photo!

    I would be very much into going back for Sandstock. Let’s keep that in mind!

  5. Rea says:

    Wow, sounds so fun. So glad you got to dance. That is always good for both body and soul. Mom’s need to bust out sometimes. Haida Gwaii is on my wish list.

  6. Kelly says:

    looks like a wonderful time! my husband would love to move to Canada ~ maybe someday!

  7. I’m so jealous and so glad that you had such a rocking good time. I had to leave HG just before the fest when I was there. The beach, great food, great people and more. It sounds wonderful. I had fun on our trip to the Edmonton Fest but it didn’t have the fun of a spontaneous trip, island folk or a ferry ride!

    I hope you have many fun trips back to the islands.

  8. Dawn Suzette says:

    Great Annie!
    I just love that video of Lily!

  9. Sarah says:

    oh yay!! This sounds so cool Annie ;)

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