Went for a great ride today. Lily, Leif and I rode downtown. On the way down we had many smiles and waves and we even bumped into my husband, also on bike, along the way. He rode along side us while we found a place to lock up.  We first went into the kitchen store next to the grocery and I bought a pasta maker which was conveniently half off. Guess what? Pasta makers are actually really quite heavy which made the ride a good workout for sure. Looking forward to making Beet Pasta for Lasagne again soon but this time my pasta will be prettier. Still need to post pictures of that yummy supper!

We arrived home to the neighbour intercepting me before I get to my back gate. Turns out my dog ate the gd fence again and he and my downstairs neighbour’s dog were loose in the alley! My husband still can’t see reason that continuing to rebuild the fence so the dog keeps eating it to get out isn’t better than building and temporarily protecting (we’re renting) it in some way so he can’t eat it again.

I’m starting to think I need to name my Xtracycle like Aubree has. Her’s is named Eliza. Nice, eh? I’m interested in suggestions if anyone has any for my own Xtracycle.

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10 Responses to Pasta, Deegs and Names for the Bike

  1. Aubree says:


    Glad you are getting out and about with your kids on the bike. I was at the Trader Joe’s yesterday with the kids and a nice old lady said she was proud of me. Huh.

    I feel your pet exasperation. I could have an entire blog on the Robbie Chronicles. Our 13 year old, incontinent terrier keeps us busy, for sure.

  2. Annie says:

    I’m proud of you too Aubree. *snicker*

    Ah incontinent deegs. I’d love to hear about the Robbie Chronicles. With a name like that maybe you should be naming my Xtracycle! Our dog Bella had a little leaking problem. She’s since died but it was so sad. She was so ashamed with no reason to feel that way! It must be so much work with your kids!

  3. Lindsay says:

    I don’t think Kris’ dad could believe how much we walk everywhere. I was telling him how nice it is to see the world in slow motion and not from behind a glass window. I should get a bike, so we can go even further without driving. I’m bad with names, but “Wayra” is a Native American word for wind. Or maybe Eloise: http://www.behindthename.com/name/eloise which derives meaning from healthy, sun, and wide.

    I hear you about the dog issues. Ours got out the door and attacked one of my neighbours yesterday. 8O Luckily she just got the edge of her dress and didn’t even rip it, but it does have me concerned. She’s starting to dig under our fence and I know we need to solve that problem before she is able to get out, but we’re not sure how to do that.

  4. Annie says:

    I know what you mean about walking is seeing to world in slow motion. Walking more and more myself I feel a little disgusted at how fast people drive. They don’t appreciate all that they are smoking (literally and figuratively) past.

    Great name suggestions!! I’m loving the meaning of Eloise!

    Oh no! When we lived in Parksville the strata had strict rules about that kind of thing. Your dog could be evicted from the property if it even pretended to attack someone. All it took was for someone to be scared of your dog and them being loose! Have you thought about burying chicken wire along the bottom of the fence so that even if she digs she can’t get past that?

    I was going to ride to the Morelle Nature Sanctuary but I’m worried the dog will destroy the gate again. If I drive away he has no problem but instead I think we’ll just continue to get things done around here. It’s a beautiful day!

  5. Lindsay says:

    Ours really doesn’t have rules about it, but it’s member-run. I think if someone complained we’d have to do something about her though. :? I just don’t know what. She barks at kids as they run by our yard and scares them. I’m going to talk to Kris about the chicken wire, that’s a good idea. I think if she got out she wouldn’t actually attack anyone (it was more because the lady was standing at our door than anything), but she’s really become so unpredictable lately. I would be so upset if she bit a kid here. Honestly, she’s causing me more stress than anything lately, which I feel bad even saying.

    We can’t really afford a new bike right now, but I bet Kris’ would fit me since we’re the same height. I would need a way to put Meredith on too though. All your posts about how much you do on yours has me wanting to ride again.

  6. Annie says:

    Can you believe that many years ago now Oscar actually attacked a boy delivering papers. Thank the stars he only bit the cart that he was towing but that was a shock. Oscar’s just not like that. Made me realise you never know. I hate dog stress. I wonder what you can do?

    But you and Kris have different leg lengths, no? That could play a part too in bike size. You can get a bike with an Xtracycle attached… huh huh… you know you want it. :D They are pricey but in reality not that expensive: http://store.xtracycle.com/_e/dept/01/Complete_SUBs.htm

    I love being able to go further without my car! We’re actually thinking about getting another Xtracycle for Cam.

  7. Lindsay says:

    You’re right, we do have different leg lengths. And even though I’m half an inch taller, he has longer arms than me so a longer reach. I wonder if the xtracycle people would trade one of their bikes for a cute Klee Kai? ;) Really, those prices aren’t that bad for the xtracycle bikes. We paid close to some of those cheaper ones for Kris’ bike without the extra attachment.

  8. Annie says:

    Omg. I just choked. Maybe you should see if a trade could be worked out!

  9. Kate says:

    Funny, I was just thinking my kayak needed a name… but all I could come up with was ‘Helga’ which just doesn’t seem quite right for such a young, graceful thing… but then again it suddenly seems more fitting when I am trying to hoist her up onto the top of my car. For your bike, something super short would probably work well… like ‘Lola’ or ‘Eva’.

  10. Annie says:

    Your kayak definitely needs a name! I loved your pictures. (I’m hoping to try out kayaking soon! Why not since I live on an island?!)

    Helga is totally not graceful, is it? I love that it makes sense though when it comes to hoisting her. Could be perfect then. Ha! That makes me laugh thinking about putting any number of heavy things in the back of my truck!

    I love Lola and Iva- but I like it with an I like my friend Iva.

    Thanks for the suggestions!!

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