We have a busy and fun filled weekend right now.

Yesterday we had friends come for the afternoon and help finish making our falafel and pita supper. I love being with people who make themselves at home and jump into the goings on. They make it feel like they are part of the family instead of feeling like you have to entertain and play hostess. It just so happens that my one friend is an expert in all things bread. He finished the pita with a grace I only hope to learn with more years of practice. The pita was gorgeous and the best I’ve ever had! The cucumber and little yellow tomatoes, as well as the parsley came straight from their garden. I can post the recipes I use if there’s interest.


Today my dh is working at an event he organised for raising money for cancer. About 300 people are turning out to ride from Nanaimo to Victoria on road bikes. It should be a big money maker! More friends are coming over as they pass through town. I feel so lucky to have the friends I do. I’m not sure what we’ll do yet. Perhaps just hang out, maybe a quick trip to the park or maybe we’ll make a meal together?

Tomorrow my dh, kids and I are volunteering in another fundraising event. This one is a marathon. I’m not sure exactly how we can help but I’m anticipating being asked to man a water station. I’m guessing this will turn out to be the easiest way to help with the kids in tow.

Well I’m going to pop in the shower and we’re going to get some muffins or cookies on the go for the visit. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

2 Responses to Busy Weekend

  1. Sophia Sunshine says:

    Friends that make themselves at home in your kitchen. I agree with you there! I honestly thought that was normal until I came to AB…. or maybe it’s a vegan thing? I don’t know but it seems hard to convince most people that doing the preparation together is the best part. I’m glad you’ve adopted more like minded friends and thanks for sharing a recipe idea!

  2. Annie says:

    I don’t know what it is but I very much treasure the friends that make me feel simply good when I’m with them. I just wish we all lived a little closer to each other.

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