We went on a mucky slippery hike yesterday called Tall Trees. It was delightfully wet and green and beautiful everywhere we looked. I had a great deal of trouble taking pictures and ended up wishing I hadn’t brought my camera at all. But then looking at the few pictures that did work made me glad I tried.

Love all the mushrooms we still see out there

This next fungus was so amazing! We’d just crossed a sloppy wet, fairly sketchy bridge next to a big cedar tree to see what almost looked like a crystal chandelier. Nestled in a large rotten slot in the tree was this two feet long fungus. Incredible!

Beautiful Delicate Fungus

For a lot of the hike, I had to carefully walk on islands of sticks and rocks or stem across big puddles. Gaiters with waterproof hiking boots were a must. I had gaiters but opted for my lighter hikers thinking they’d be more comfortable this day. My feet were a bit wet even with the extra care.

Helping Lily up a steep part


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  1. Wonderful photos again Annie! I remember many great hikes on slippery boardwalks and logs and a day where I helped out with terrain stability mapping in Clayoquot. I was stubborn and wanted to wear my hikers because the logged area the day before had been so hard in caulk boots. I was so wrong! Perhaps a set of spikes like what I wear for winter will be handy for future hikes in that sort of terrain?

    I’m glad you have fun and I’m getting so hopeful about getting out there and testing out the new terrain you’re exploring!

  2. Stunning and inspiring look into these woods. I have never seen fungus like that. Seeing your crew trekking over logs like that reminds me to go before the weather is too much for the faint of heart.
    That would be me the last few years!

  3. Incredible Annie! What a magical hike! The 2 ft. long fungus is so stunning, have never seen anything like it before! I’m so glad you brought your camera too.


  4. Katie says:

    Fungi are (is?) magical. It’s been a super-rainy year in Kentucky and we’ve got different mushrooms popping up everywhere (even in our bathroom- yikes!) Looks like an incredible hike.

  5. I am glad you brought your camera also. These photos are really amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Sarah says:

    WOW! That chandelier fungus is so amazingly beautiful. It’s damp here but we haven’t seen anything like that. Your photographs are really wonderful, and I think they capture a lot of the essence of your environment there. What a fantastic place to live.

    We’ve been watching Ray Mears’ Northern Wilderness and I can’t help but think of you when we see the dramatic Canadian landscapes. It’s so good to get some up close views from you. I would really love to visit your lovely country one day.

  7. Annie says:

    I really should dig out my old spikes (? What the heck did I used to call them) from my letter carrying days. That would have helped a lot!

    My friend Kyrie tells me that the chandelier type mushroom is “This is Bear’s Head (Hericium abietis)! It’s really good to eat…stir fry in place of tofu or fish. Can grow as large as 50 lbs! “. As soon as I read her comment, I thought she must have told me this one other time.

    Any time you want to come, Sarah, we’d be happy as a clam to have you!

    Thanks everyone!

  8. Vanessa says:

    such an awesome place you guys have to explore!
    just beautiful.

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