It was a wonderful and busy day yesterday!

Toothy Smile

Scary Vampire and Gibble

We went to the local museum in the morning for craft making. Lily made a scary haunted house on a paper bag and I made a witch with Leif until he decided he’d rather just cut paper.

Making a scary haunted house bag


We made Pad Thai for supper. You’re probably wondering what this dish has to do with the holiday and I was started to wonder that myself while making it with Lily yesterday evening. It just happened to be the dish we decided to make that morning when looking at our meal plan (that I have been meaning to post).

Helping make Pad Thai for supper

We decided to go to the community party at the civic centre before eating supper because we weren’t that hungry yet and getting to the party early made more sense. There were so many fun games to play. Ring toss, ghost toss, spider toss, eyeball toss, canning lid toss, hockey, pumpkin puzzles… Lily joined the costume parade across the stage to show off what she was wearing.

Geisha plays party games

Leif’s so shy he stayed in the Beco the whole time. He didn’t want to be in costume or really be noticed at all by the scary and strange people all around us. He only spoke when we went to the table where they were handing out toothbrushes.

We came home when the party got really busy. With the lit pumpkins looking on, Lily, Leif and I great enjoyed our Pad Thai and then set the table for dessert. We had made Honeyed Seed Cake earlier in the day and it was fantastic! Recipe to come…

Honeyed Seed Cake

We had been talking for a few days about two particular family members that have passed away recently that meant a great deal to us and did so again this evening. I really enjoyed having this dedicated time to honour these important people.

Remembering two very important people in our lifes who have recently passed away

Hope you all had a great holiday too! I can’t wait to catch up on my blog reading to see!

4 Responses to Samhain

  1. Justine says:

    Lily looks fabulous in her kimono! Kate has decided she wants to wear one next year (but pink, of course!) We’ve never really “done” Halloween (since I grew up in the UK, it’s pretty foreign to me), but your exploration of the Samhain idea has inspired us. We always had a Guy Fawkes-style bonfire celebration at this time of year when I was a kid, so maybe combining those would be fun.

  2. paxye says:

    Looks like you had a great day! What fun to have a community also that like to celebrate together :)

  3. Oh, I LOVE the whimsy and creativity of your carved pumpkins!

    Everything else looks pretty good, too: homebaked goodies, honoring loved ones, creating crafts and playing games, togetherness…

  4. Annie says:

    Thanks! It was such a fun time. We’re all looking forward to next year- which is a new feeling for me, at least.

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