We’re heading to our property again this weekend so I put together another cabin meal plan. You might notice some gaps in the plan, but our friends coming with us will be contributing to the meals as well.

I’m so excited to go. I’m taking an old knitting project I have had on the go for almost two years! I found this great pattern to make a hat for one of my best friends, Paxye. I was a little nervous about how it would turn out so bought two colours of yarn and started one for myself first. I got really discouraged when I was starting and stopping the project so often and Leif was young enough that he was constantly interested in feeling (and pulling) on the yarn. I ended up putting it aside until a better time.

That better time came and went because I kept forgetting to get the pattern off my lap top. Today I went to my lap top desktop where I left it and it wasn’t there! I was franticly trying to search for it! One last ditch effort had me calling Paxye and asking if she happened to have a copy of it. I didn’t remember when it was but I was sure I emailed her it to show her what I was making. Leave it to Paxye to save the day (and not declutter the “Annie” inbox folder)!

Hat in Progress

I’m also going to be taking some crocheting and embroidery work, I have going. I’d like to keep my options open when I’m sitting in front of the warm cook stove. I also really want to get some deep cleaning done while I’m there so I’m taking some rags and cleaner. So many family and friends that use the cabins are there only to enjoy and fish and don’t have time to do a deeper clean and it can really use it. The shelves are a bit dusty and the cabinets have some spilt dry food on them.

I’m planning on making:

I’ve pre made any dry mixes and the dressings and sauces and I’m also taking staples like, bread, eggs, almond milk…

Can’t wait!!

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2 Responses to Cabin Meal Plan

  1. You’re going to have such a great time, even with the cleaning I’m sure. I’m happy that you are getting to spend so much more time there. And the hat you’re working on looks really neat. Have a happy week of knitting, cooking, scrubbing and relaxing!

  2. Dawn Suzette says:

    That yarn is beautiful Annie! Love the color!

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