We just don’t get up to our property enough…. but all this will change now that we live so much closer. This was our first trip of the year and it couldn’t have been better. It didn’t rain once and there was a wonderful breeze to keep the bugs at bay.

The classic shot from the cabins

The last time we made the trip to our property it was a 2 hour ferry + 18 hour drive while I was newly pregnant with Leif. I was so sick throughout the pregnancy and I was anxious about feeling motion sick on the drive. Once we arrived though, I laid flat on the ground outside the cabin and felt a lot better.

Looking towards the point

We now live only 4 hours away. It was an incredible feeling to arrive after such a (relatively) short drive! So good to be back and before we left, I was already planning the next visit. Sorry this post is so image heavy. I took over 500 photos over the part week away, so you can imagine that this selection is the much narrowed down version!

It was so peaceful and the only constant sound was the water rushing over rocks on the down river side of the point and the wind pushing through the trees. I napped every day we were there and slept with ease at night too. It was nice to catch up. We ate good food and enjoyed exploring outside and reading and playing cards in the cabin. Cam and his brother Scot found a box of old toys from when they were small and visiting the cabin.

Cabin Life:
New CabinWoodstove inside new cabinMy favourite room to stay inNeat rock collection at cabinSharpening the knivesFish Face Watching BambiCasual ReadingReading I brought

Oddly, we didn’t see much wildlife. There were hundreds of fish in the river, so where were the bears!? I did get a few pictures of bear tracks though. One of my favourite things to see each trip is the new progress the local beavers are making. They really love birch!

Beavers love birchBeaver Dam

Oscar of course loves it here! It a bit soon to be rolling in rotting beached salmon but it was fun nonetheless.

At the pointOscar

So many berries! Some edible, some not so much!

False Solomon's SealClasping Twistedstalk

There was work to do. Cam built new oars and worked on the outhouse that started about 8 years ago when Cam first milled the lumber from a fallen tree. It sat for years because Cam never had enough time to work on the project. Now the timber framed outhouse structure is standing and waiting to be finally finished! Cam’s love for hand tools makes working here perfect since there is little other choice.

Shaping Oar Stail Rafter Intersection Brace and Auger BitTimberframe Outhouse

Beach living. The kids and Cam (and Jaka) floated from our creek to “the point”. A short trip but they had fun. We didn’t have enough raft space for a longer float. Oscar decided to swim out to them instead of walk the lower trail with me. In the closer up photos, you’ll notice poor Leif can’t move much in that life jacket.

Oscar wanting to go too

COLD Water!Going to go see daddyLily thought she was going for a swim.

Literally hundreds of pink and sockeye salmon in the river. You might have to click on the picture to try and spot them all.

Can you see all the Pink and Chinook salmon in the river?Pink Doe


Sad to leave but we had to rush back to town to see the final leg of Ali Howard’s amazing 610 km Skeena Swim. We also met Taimarie and her family from Small Wonders, which was so nice! Such a delightful family. I’m so glad we met. I’ll have more on that later…

Enjoying the evening views

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10 Responses to Little Slice of Heaven

  1. Annie, this is AMAZING! Would LOVE to see it in person….you just don’t find places like that here in Ohio. I would love to be somewhere in nature where you don’t here traffic. I’ve looked all around here and can’t find it! Really loved this post!

    Lisa :)

  2. Idzie says:

    No apologies necessary for the fact this post is image heavy… What gorgeous photo’s, I greatly enjoyed seeing them! That looks like such a beautiful location…

  3. Lindsay says:

    That looks fantastic! Loved all the pictures. I’d love to own something like that one day.

  4. Lily & Leif's Grammie says:

    No wonder that you have such a wonderful tme there! The pictures are awesome.

  5. ruralmamma says:

    I totally apologize if everyone else knows this and I do not– but do you intend to build there? Or is it just a rec place for you all. It is amazing! Def. drooling. Reminds me some of the Adirondacks prit near close to us, I know your way up in Canada and it must be ten times as amazing there. I stopped in to copy down a few recipes. With the small amount of tomatoes we have this year I am going to freeze a bit and make some of your yummy soup stead of canning. Thank you for your great recipes–also am making some English muffins.

  6. greenteacher says:

    The pictures and re-telling were wonderful! Thank you!
    My step-dad who is a woodworker has been meaning to make oars for the boat at the cottage but didn’t quite have a plan on how to make them. Did Cam just figure out how to make them himself (probably!) or did he find some instructions online or perhaps in a book?

  7. Judy Roberts says:

    It looks like absolute bliss, Annie. I love all your pics, but especially the one taken at dusk with (I think) Cam and Leif in it. What a special moment to capture for the record.

  8. Dawn Suzette says:

    You can be image heavy whenever you like!!
    Beautiful… What a wonderful place to catch up and reconnect! Wonderful that you are so much closer now. Looking forward to more sharing about this amazing place!

  9. Annie says:

    Thanks everyone!

    We’ve thought of building more here than there is already but not at this time. We may one day move even closer and then who knows… We have a lot of future plans though. The outhouse now, a root celler, sauna, storage…

    Cam based his oars on the ones we already have and pictures of ones we couldn’t afford. No instructions but they turned out perfect!

    If any of you are in the area, you’re more than welcome to come up with us!

  10. LivingSimply says:

    Beautiful pictures…what a great location to spend time!

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