This is what a typical summer day in Prince Rupert looks like so far…

One of the green belts right through town

Notice the sweaters… It’s really been hovering between 13- 17’C these days. There’s some sunny days and other days you’ll only see the sun periodically. It’s actually quite pleasant, especially when out running or cycling.

Checking it all out

We went for a walk on one of the green spaces that run through town while Lily was in a Bug’s and Butterflies class. This green space starts at the civic centre and skate park.

Hitching a ride

Other pretty things to see… (click to see them bigger)
One of the many waterfalls in this green spaceSnailPurple
Graffiti at Skate Park

I can’t leave out fairy Lily… This is one our way for a slice of carrot cake at Cowpuccinos.

Fairy Lily

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8 Responses to What Summer In Prince Rupert Looks Like…

  1. kait says:

    LOVING the pics from the new camera!!! Everything looks so lush and green.
    I made potstickers tonight inspired by you and they were amazing! Hadn’t every tried them before but SO glad I finally did.

  2. paxye says:

    It looks beautiful there!

  3. gardenmama says:

    Looks like a lovely day! Sweet little fairy : )

  4. v says:

    I love it. Seems like L has a same style of sock-ware as around here. We are quite famous for “mis-matched” socks. Quite frankly I think they match quite well together – compliment each other. Don’t you think? :D

  5. Lucy Dolan says:

    Looks very nice! Temps similar to here just now (long sleeves!). Is it normally warmer there? It’s been cooler here than normal for the last few weeks. I like around 20C myself!

  6. Annie says:

    Miss you Kait!

    I’m not sure what’s normal weather for here and I’ve lost perspective on what I expected before coming and what the weather is like elsewhere. I hear next week is going to be a heat wave with temps up to 25-27’C. I seriously can’t imagine it here!

  7. How cute is that little lily fairy?? So cute!
    Cool summer here in Ohio too, worried about a freezing winter.
    PRI looks like a dream place to live Annie. Very romantic place.
    Thanks for the comment today, I’m liking wordpress so far. But change is hard for me.

    Lisa :)

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