We were walking around the Kid’s Market in Granville Island today when we I noticed a sign for ear piercing at a kids hairdressing salon. We had been planning on getting Lily’s ears pierced for quite a while since she’s been so eager. She even brought a pair of earrings I’d been given as a gift from my cousin more than twenty years ago on this trip even though there were no plans to find a place to pierce her ears.

I’d read many concerns about piercing with a gun which lead us to the local tattoo shop to inquire about get Lily’s ears done. The heavily tattooed and pierced man was obviously not that interested in helping us but he did say that he’d be willing when she was able to ask herself to have it done. Over the next little while I found a couple real normal ear piercing videos on You Tube. She didn’t seem phased by anything she saw but we still didn’t take her back to the shop. A part of me wasn’t sure if we’d really be welcome or if Lily would feel shy with someone asking her to speak for herself and have that be taken as indecision.

This hair dressing salon uses a gun who’s parts that touch the body are prepackaged, disposable and don’t need to be touched during the piercing. They insisted on using what I’m guessing is an Emla type cream for about 45 minutes to dull the pain. I don’t remember it being painful though. I remember the anticipation and noise of the gun being the scariest part. Lily had no anxiety but was obviously surprised when the first one went in. The woman did the second immediately and Lily gave a small wincing face as she did it but beamed a HUGE smile when it was done.

The hardest part about the whole affair was keeping all six kids corralled in the tiny shop for the time we had to wait. The woman that seemed to own the kids hairdressing shop didn’t seem to actually like kids so it was a tad awkward.

I’m still not totally happy with the choice over normal needle piercings but it’s done and Lily was thrilled with the cute flower rhinestone earrings she picked out. I think had we waited to find a tattoo shop that would have happily welcomed us it would have been years before she got her ears pierced.

Cleaning off the numbing cream:

Lily's ears pierced

Marking the spot:

Lily's ears pierced

First side:

Lily's ears pierced

Wow, one side done!

Lily's ears pierced

A little wince with anticipation:

Lily's ears pierced

Huge smile! She was so happy!

Lily's ears pierced

Pretty rhinestone flowers with a pink center with iridescent pedals.

Lily's ears pierced

Lily's ears pierced

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9 Responses to Ears Pierced

  1. Lindsay says:

    So pretty, she looks so thrilled.

  2. Sophia Sunshine says:

    Wow, that’s one happy looking Lily. I have to say I’m quite amazed. My mom finally let me get my ears pierced at 13 and I remember it being such a big deal. I’m not sure why though since I was such a tomboy then.

    I don’t like flashy things so little sleepers are all I’ve worn for the better part of (yikes) nearly 2 decades. Every once in a while I think I’ll mix it up but until I find something a little more me that I can sleep I think I’ll be sticking with the status quo. Lily has a much more feminine side than me though so I’m sure she’ll be happy with the decision and enjoy changing her look. Have fun Lily!

  3. Annie says:

    She was so thrilled! Then I couldn’t stop being thrilled! I just wanted to look at them all the time. She looks so different!

    You and I are a lot alike Sophia. I’m wearing some small hoops my sister gave me about 8 years ago and before that I was wearing the earrings I got my ears pierced with when I was 3. I never change my earrings! I might have to know that I have a new sexy haircut! Ha.

  4. Sophia Sunshine says:

    If I’ve noticed any correlation between Lily and you I’m pretty sure she’ll be encouraging you to stretch you boundaries on the earing side too!

  5. Lindsay says:

    Heh, I didn’t even wear earrings for the longest time. I found some stainless steel hoops and have been wearing those for a few years now. I occasionally will change my earrings for Christmas, but I am not the type who will get up and change my earrings every day, and if I can’t sleep in them I forget.

    I can’t wait to see them in person next time! I can’t get over her face in those last pictures. She’s so happy.

  6. Sarah says:

    I absolutely love these pictures! She’s so pretty! And she looks sooo happy to have her ears pierced!

  7. Annie says:

    Oh yes, Lily is very encouraging when it comes to be wearing girly things. She loves high heels and fancy earrings.

    Lindsay, speaking of seeing you- I have your shirt and a book for you from Kimmy!

    What about Hanna and Ainsley? Do they have their ears pierced? ANy interest there? Hanna seems like she’d already have them done. She and Lily would be great friends I bet.

  8. Katherine says:

    How exciting! Ry got her ears done for her 6th birthday. She was terrified and determined. Twice we had gone to the shop and signed the paper work and almost gone through with it. But no, at the last minute she burst into tears and we left. Then on her birthday she hardened her resolve. And she was so proud when it was done. And she’s been very brave. And I looked at her differently too. And I thought that, for a western white girl, getting your ears pierced is almost a rite of passage.

    Sigh. :)

  9. Lindsay says:

    Thanks Annie, I’m in no rush for them! Gives us an excuse to get together at some point. ;)

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