We were looking through the civic centre’s activity catalogue one day last week and found a whole page of interesting activities for 5-7 year olds. I called to ask for more information and was told we could rush down and join the group for the current week. I was so excited and so was Lily!


Who wouldn’t be excited about this:

Lots of buggy activities to keep your little one busy. We’ll search outdoors for beetles and butterflies, make critter crafts while learning about bugs.

I have to say that I was quickly underwhelmed. It’s not like I was expecting a real life 5 Orange Potatoes, but I was kinda thinking that the kids would be engaged in some sort of world of bugs and butterflies beyond having a rule that artwork has to be bug or butterfly themed.

The kids went outside only once the whole week and the closest they came to finding bugs was having ant holes pointed out. There was a collected spider in a plastic container that apparently died before the week was out. I don’t think it was fed and the container was thrown around and banged carelessly. Kinda sad really. Once a day the kids went down to the gym and would have the task of collecting handfuls of small bouncy balls tossed about.

Where are the dragonflies?

I don’t regret sending her to the class, despite it ending up being just day care with a fancy theme name. Lily did have a really fun time meeting some other kids and the class did spark bug and butterfly fun at home. We started talking about what are good bugs for the garden and made pipe cleaner butterflies. We started noticing more bugs and looking in our BC Bug guidebook. We’ve been especially successful finding neat bugs in our compost which is crazy alive. I’ve never seen a compost more active with bugs. The beetles are an especially fun find. Their iridescence is varying and beautiful.

Bugs good for the garden Butterfly

When we signed up for Bugs and Butterflies, we also signed up for a Sockeye and Fungi class early next month. Doesn’t that sound like the class could be great! We won’t cancel but I doubt we’ll be looking for more classes in the future.

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9 Responses to Bugs and Butterflies

  1. Vanessa says:

    I like how you took and ran with this- even if it wasn’t what you had expected, it sparked intrest and gave you gals something to talk about at home and do your exploring there.

    (you gotta love the girl with her wings on!)

  2. Krista says:

    More joyous affirmation on how wonderful and free unschooling is… like you needed any, but hey :)
    Man, they could have at least had some dollar store bug tatoos for the kids or somethin’…. grin. What do you mean PR doesn’t have a dollar store???? I’ll send Lily and Leif some! Hope the sockeye and fungi class is cooler!!

  3. Annie says:

    The little girl with the wings was so sweet. Lily was “partners” with her a few times. They enjoyed each other quite a bit!

    :D Actually we do have dollar stores here. Off the top of my head I can think of three. Sad isn’t it.

    I’m hoping the other class will be much cooler to but I’m guessing it will be the same. Oh well, Lily might meet a few more kids. It’s nice to network that way.

  4. greenteacher says:

    The sockeye and fungi class sounds like it could be fun, and run by someone knowledgeable about the topics (if it wasn’t it might perhaps be called something like fish and mushrooms!).

  5. LOL, you are too funny with the link love. Thanks. Oh and the dead spider…had to laugh a little about that one, poor little spider.

    I’m just horrified by the fact that they only took the little ones out once during the week. Love how you’re handling it.

    Lisa :)

  6. tara says:

    Sorry the class was disappointing.

    I agree with Lisa ~ one time outside for the whole week! Surely the kids would have found some interesting bits of nature to explore had they had more time ~ even if it wasn’t bug related.

    Good opportunity to make some friends though :)

  7. Change is a brewing… I can feel it. Maybe you’ll be leading the next program like that and taking the children outside to really take a look at the bugs and butterflies… or flowers… or rocks. Maybe it could just be a nature nuts class. In the meantime, here’s hoping the sockeye and fungi one is a little better and if not you can carry on your own adventures outside on the way home.

    P.S. I’m so happy to see all these great photos you’re taking with the new machine. I’m feeling such an appreciation for Prince Rupert already.

  8. sarah says:

    i had a similar experience when we signed Lee up for Trout Lake day camp in Vancouver 2 years ago- they spent the whole time playing inside the non-ice rink! at an amazing park!!

  9. Annie says:

    Ha! I was thinking about how the classes inspired me to create something more along the descriptions so I probably will do my own classes. The woman who does the classes now has been doing them for a lot of years (15+?) and I’m sure she’ll keep doing them. I just wish she could get inspired again herself. Maybe it’s been too long?

    Sarah, trout lake is so great though! Full of all kinds of neat outdoor finds. What a shame.

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