It was a crazy rainy day. Crazy in the sense that it rained HARD, and then not at all, then HARD, then only drizzled… You get the picture. I could tell I didn’t quite fit in with the locals because I, unlike any of the people I saw in Terrace, was wearing a rain jacket. I even had my hood up most of the time. These people are oblivious to weather! They walked, rode bikes, shopped all through periodic torrential downpours. I was actually walking through little rivers of rain in some places. My feet were soaked. These people impressed me. One day I hope to have tougher skin when it comes to being wet.

Terrace Farmer's Market

The farmer’s market was exactly what we hoped it would be. There was mouth watering fresh cooked food, tasteful crafts, lots of tempting baking, local meat, preserves and of course local produce.

Recycled Fishing Tackle. What’s cooler than that? This guy had a ton of found fishing tackle. Some of it was even labelled and Cam and I thought warmly about the chances of one or two of the pieces being Cam’s dad’s before he died. Cam picked up a few flies.

Recycled Fishing Tackle

We bought this amazing locally made puzzle. There were so many neat ones to choose from. The craftsman uses non toxic paints on this birch baltic plywood. It’s so much more impressive in real life.

Wow! What an amazing puzzle!

We ate samosas and pakoras that we watched being made. We also bought some Filipino veggie rolls and chicken skewers. It was all damn good. We were licking our fingers after it all!

We bought swiss chard, cucumbers to try this recipe for refrigerator pickles, radishes and zucchini. I love that the price was “about $x”. I think Leif’s cute face could have given us the discount.

Shopping for veggies


The drive was an hour and a half long. Boy, do we all hate driving. Not in a screaming, crying way but more like a “my butt hurts”, “I’m hungry”, “I can’t see”… kind of way. None of us like being tied down to a seat! But we made it and actually saw some beautiful things along the way thanks to many stops.  (click to make any picture bigger)

Fireweed Caterpillar on Fireweed

6 Responses to Terrace Farmer’s Market

  1. I never know how homesick I am until I read your posts!


    and the Filipino veggie rolls are called lumpia. I grew up eating tons of them because there was a large Filipino population in Ketchikan!

    (and yes, I married a Filipino but no, he’s not from Ketchikan…. :)

  2. fireweed, pakoras and that great sign? Seems wonderful to me! I’m glad to see you’re enjoying your new locale and the thicker skin will come but it takes a while. I found there was a lot of “mist” in the charlottes and that kind of rain was far easier to get accustomed to than the downpours. Good luck!

  3. Cool caterpillar. I wonder what kind of butterfly/moth it is.

    Oh, I bet it was a cold rain too, YUCKO!!!!

    The veggie rolls sound delicious.

    Lisa :)

  4. Vanessa says:

    your making my stomache growl with all that mention of good food. Good thing it is 5 and I am headed home to make dinner!

  5. Annie says:

    Lumpia. Now, you’re bringing back memories, Stacy. My high school had a large Filipino population. There were actually a lot of different cultures there and the food that was often shared…. mmmm….

  6. taimarie says:

    I’d forgotton what a great market they had. I’ll have to make a visit one day for puzzles and snacks!

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