North Pacific Cannery

We went to this historic cannery today in Port Edward, which is about a 15 minute drive from Prince Rupert. Even with maintenance making some of the displays closed it was a fantastic visit. I’m so looking forward to going again to see more.

The actual canning machinery was really cool. It started out with Chinese workers making each can by hand, then a machine was made to do the job. Many lost jobs to new machinery taking over through the years. The process of canning salmon was lengthy and I was shocked at how fast the job moved.

Fish Cutter

Weighing Scale

We also got to see how the workers lived, how the inside of boats looked as well as inside the cannery workers lined up shacks perched over the water. The houses for the “European” personal are still there and I believe are used for offices now. The old office display was so cool. Old type writers and other equipment were lining desks and counters.

Type Writer

Security Clock

All the buildings were built on piers.

Building on Pier

There were also train displays and even a room of miniature trains that moved all around the room when you put a loonie in the slot. Lily and Leif really loved this.

Watching them move.

A highlight for me was actually finding a bird’s nest filled with baby birds. They were like statues and then all of a sudden the parent would come in and it would become a squawking frenzy! It startled me so much that I missed pictures and some were blurred. I did get at a few though. It all happened so fast!

Feeding Frenzy

I took so many pictures and I can’t share them all here. If you’re interested, you can see them all on my flickr page here.

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4 Responses to North Pacific Cannery

  1. Lucy Dolan says:

    I had this marked as a place to visit when I looked at the tourist info site on your area! It looks very interesting and your pics are great. Love the shot of the bird and its chicks!

  2. Vanessa says:

    looks like a great day!
    and look at you go with that new camera!! are you having fun with it or what?

  3. Rebecca says:

    Sounds like a fascinating place and how lovely to discover the nest.

  4. Annie says:

    If you ever came here Lucy, I’d give you a guided tour of it myself!

    I’m loving the new camera Vanessa! I probably take more pictures than I need to but I’m learning so much!

    I laugh a bit still about the interest I had in the nest. Back when I lived at a heritage town as a caretaker I would chuckle at all the tourists that would constantly take pictures with my cat. Like they couldn’t see cats anywhere they went. Ha.

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