I’m still a couple days later occasionally feeling like I’m rocking on a boat. I’m not a fan of water, especially water with living things in it! I can swim, although not well and with two kids I struggle with feeling complete safety for all of us. I also get terribly sea sick, so I was a tad worried about the first time out in our friend’s boat. I knew it wouldn’t be the last so how do I get comfortable and make it work.

We headed down to the boat launch Monday morning. I was absolutely shocked at how many truck and trailers lined the road and parking lot to the launch. I knew this place was all about fishing but… Cam ended up parking down the way at a work site and we picked him up at some docks there.

We went  out toward some shore across from Prince Rupert and put out a couple crab traps. By the time we headed back in there should be a few for supper.

A flight must have come in at the airport because here’s the tiny ferry… I wrote about the crazy Prince Rupert airport experience one must go through each time they travel here.

We drove (?) through Metlakatla pass past Metlakatla Native Village which has a pretty interesting heritage. It had the largest church north of San Francisco and west of Chicago for quite some time. It was burned down in 1901.

Licorice helps with sea sickness, right? Uh, no. In case anyone was wondering.

I tried the pressure point bracelets, although maybe too late. You know what helped the most on this trip? Being distracted by Hayden who needs to be carried and peed… and is fun to entertain with funny faces and noises. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one feeling the effects of sea sickness where we ended up so we headed back in before too long.

Before we went though, Cam did some jigging for halibut. He’s fished his whole life but not much out in a boat on the ocean. Jigging isn’t exciting until you catch a fish, which we didn’t.

Leif fell asleep waiting…

We did end up getting one crab big enough to take home. Looks like one of our traps was poached, either by seal or by another fisherman. I guess that isn’t uncommon.

Next time, I plan to be more prepared for the water. I hear there’s a Gravol with ginger in it and it’s a bit less chemical (?) as the usual stuff. I might have a look into that….

6 Responses to Facing Fears

  1. Vanessa says:

    I used the pressure point bracelts when we were in Hawaii (and I was just starting to feel the effects of morning sickness from my pregnancy with MrO). I swear by them. I wore them on our snorkeling tour and on the road to Hanna as well. Then I didn’t take them off hardly the entire trip becuase it did help me feel better! Ginger is also what really helped me out. I love it so I can gobble a ton down!

  2. Sally says:

    I totally hear you on the motion sickness. I grew up on the ocean, and we traveled a LOT most summers, so I just didn’t’ eat, really, at all. I’ve chewed Solaray’s “Ginger trips” with some results. For my kids, I’ve done a foot massage with oil that has lavender and ginger oils in it (aromatherapy AND reflexology, ha ha), and that really seems to work for them.

    I wouldn’t call getting sea sick a “fear” so much as an unpleasant reality! Hope you acclimate. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing so many photos! Hayden sure is cute and Cam looks right at home in his stanfield with the rod in his hands. And so nice to see a familiar face from the past too:)

    Good on you for facing your fears out there. I hope you can find some relieve with the ginger and bracelets. Fingers crossed.

  4. lisa says:

    The photos look great with the new camera! Sharper for sure. I’m not a big fan of water either. My first memory as a child was screaming and choking my mother around the neck when I put in a swimming pool for the first time. Boats also make me sick….I have a very weak inner ear.

    Lisa ;)

  5. Oh my! I was really confused when I saw you mention Metlakatla… there is a Metlakatla in Alaska, close to where I grew up and I was wondering how you traveled so far in your little boat. :) Turns out there are two Metlakatlas…

    It’s pretty powerful for me to be seeing your latest pics of Prince Rupert and surrounding area… it triggers “home” for me. I think I mentioned that I grew up in Ketchikan, Alaska…. we ride a ferry from the airport to the town, too. ;)

  6. Annie says:

    Hey, thanks everyone! I hope to never write about sea sickness ever ever again!

    Two Metlakatlas? Wow, cool. It does mean “salt water pass” so I guess it would make sense that there would be more than one.

    It’s so interesting that you come from a place not a lot different (in the grand scheme of things) from where we are now.

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