I finally said goodbye to the diaper bucket my mother bought for me when Lily was brand new. It had seen better days having lost it’s lid about a year ago to Lily’s weight as she tried to use it as a step stool. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the bottom half of it now but it’s not going to be in my laundry room. Leif hasn’t peed in a diaper in so many days and we’ve only missed a couple in that time so I’m happy to see the diaper bucket go.

Leif now wears regular underpants, old gerber underpants and eco nix pants if I’m worried we need more protection. It’s happened where we’ve been in a store or the like and have felt unsure if I would be able to get him to a bathroom for an extended period of time. Sadly, the eco nix and a pair of gerber pants are now pink thanks to a red scarf of my mom’s finding it’s way into the wash. (What the heck!?) The thing that bugs me is that the pants didn’t need to be washed because of being wet but I threw them in because they were a little curry and dirt stained on the outside.

We used the diaper bucket in a variety of ways over the years. Since we didn’t go diaper free with Lily right from birth I used the bucket a lot more back then. My mother taught me to fill the bucket with water, vinegar and borax but in short order decided this was unnecessary when I was washing diapers every day or every other day anyway.

I’m excited to pass on most of our diapers as well. We didn’t have many and they are in such good shape. A dear friend is pregnant with her first child and I’m sure they will be well received there! I also have a close knit group of friends who have been passing baby and kid items around to each other so I’m sure a few will go that way as well.

We haven’t had one wet diaper since being here on the mainland. I brought three just in case for night time but haven’t needed them. I also brought my Motherease Sandy’s with the intention of lending them to Paxye since they actually fit Khena but I keep forgetting to give them to her! Doh!

6 Responses to Bye Bye Diaper Bucket

  1. Lindsay says:

    Yay for Leif and lucky you! I can’t see Meredith being at that point in four months, though I guess you never know. Maybe if she gets over this potty strike (which she’s starting to) and starts signaling.

    That’s really too bad about the Eco Nix though. I hate it when things like that happen.

  2. Annie says:

    It gets easier fast. Lily was out of daytime diapers around this time and we only did late starting ec so I wouldn’t doubt things will be quicker than you expect too. Having low expectations really does make it more enjoyable when the diapers become more obsolete!

  3. Sarah says:

    That’s wonderful! The end of diapers – I can’t even imagine!

    Thank you so much for the diapers you passed on to me – I love using them.

  4. Annie says:

    Oh Sarah! I’m so glad! I’d send you more if I thought they’d fit Grayson but I’m not sure they would. (Maybe?) Niecia gave me a bunch of Thirsty’s that I’ve passed to a couple people already. I still have a few left though. Lindsay, did I give you some of those to you? They are great because you don’t need a cover and they hold a very big pee.

    I’m mailing Paxye some Motherease Sandy’s but I bet you could use them after. They’re really big. These are so great for just pulling on and off like a training pant but they also snap which is good in case of a missed poop.

  5. Lindsay says:

    I’m not sure what the brand of the ones you gave to me were (I thought they were Kushies actually, but could be wrong), but I’ve passed them all to Kirye now. They were great though while they fit!

  6. Annie says:

    It must be the ones she first gave me! Round and round they go!

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