Leif has croup. 

After supper yesterday, Leif made a bark sound giving me the first clue that he was under the weather. I wasn’t too worried about it since both kids have had croup before and while we all lose a bit of sleep, it’s not that big of a deal. Croup is just an inflammation of the small larynx and trachea of young children. 

Last night was a different croup experience for me. I almost wanted to call the hospital, mainly because I didn’t have anyone else to confer with. Leif wasn’t coughing much but he was wheezing and his breaths were shorter than I was comfortable with. When he did cough it was upsetting to him causing more coughing and making it even harder to breath. 

I took him outside for some night air which really helped. I wish it were a bit cooler and breezier though because we couldn’t feel much coming from the wide open windows right above our heads. I would rather not spend most of my night outside! At least being awake in bed is more comfortable than sitting out on the deck.

Paxye reminded me that night three is usually the worst before it gets better. Seems daunting to know I still have two more nights of little sleep. There’s not much that can be done to help ease the inflammation apart from some fresh cold air.

As usual, he’s doing fine today. Nursing often and he’s already had a good long sleep. I, however, didn’t get a chance to follow suit. Looks like we’ll be going to bed early!

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  1. Katherine says:

    Croup can be very scary – 911 scary – sometimes. There are two more tricks to have up your sleeve. You can take them into the bathroom, turn the shower on full blast hot, pull a rocking chair into the room, and rock in the steam. Also, lollipops have a specifically soothing action on throat. Icepops can work too. But its the sugar that soothes the membranes and helps the swelling, so tart fruity icepops aren’t really what you’re going for in that moment. One mom I know resorted to putting her child’s head in the freezer (with the door open of course) and that helped too.

    Good luck!

  2. Judy Roberts says:

    Fingers crossed for Leif and you, Annie.



  3. That does not sound like fun – for any of you. I hope Leif gets better soon and that the 3rd day isn’t any worse than today. You’re educating me on the subject of childhood illnesses so if it’s one of those highly contagious things I really hope it doesn’t spread!

  4. Lucy Dolan says:

    Hi Annie

    Fin’s had it twice. The first time he could not breathe and I had to take him to the hospital where he had to have some sort of drug to open his airway. Not ideal! It was on Xmas eve. He had it again recently and it was not quite as bad. It is very scary though. I sympathise. It is always worst in the night, isn’t it? Hope Leif feels better soon.

  5. cathy says:

    here I sit, reading your blog, passing the wee hours of the night because my little one has croup! we’re doing the same thing. so scary. good luck with Leif and keep writing, it is very much appreciated. here’s to some sleep, soon.

  6. lisa says:

    What is going on up there in your part of the world? You’ve really had a tough spring, I soooo feel for you and your sweet family.

    I hope Leif feels better soon and I hope you get some sleep.

    Best wishes, Lisa :)

  7. Annie says:

    Thanks so much everyone.

    Katherine- Thanks so much for this. So much wisdom here.

    Lucy- How awful what you have to go through. What timing to have croup in the hospital on xmas eve!!

    Cathy- It’s the time of year, I guess… :( I hope you got some sleep!

    Lisa- I don’t know what’s up! We aren’t always so sick and out of sorts!

    Leif was A LOT better last night. Thank the stars. He wasn’t having any trouble breathing. We were awake much of the night with not being able to settle with needing to cough and nurse but that’s so much better than worrying about breathing.

    “Family peace and harmony surround me, all is well.”

  8. Sarah says:

    I’m a little late reading this but I just wanted to say I hope Leif is feeling better, the coughing is easing up and you’ve all managed to get a bit more sleep. Poor little guy.
    S x

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