Okay, I have issues. I just don’t like seafood- any of it… even seaweed. I really want to like it but I have yet to find the button that turns off my gag reflex. Some of you may be putting two and two together and are thinking, “Hey, isn’t she moving to Prince Rupert? What will she eat if it’s not seafood?”. Dude, this has so gone through my mind.

One of the reasons I wish I ate seafood is not only because I’m moving to a place with bountiful fishing but also because we own property on one of the most fishingest rivers in the province. The area is swarming with fishing tourism.

Another big reason I’d like to eat seafood is because I loathe not being able to go with the flow. What if seafood is the only option for food. Like if Prince Rupert, which is very nearly the end of the line when it comes to grocery store produce and isn’t over abundant in the soil department, was cut off from shipments of food for a while? What if we’re stuck at our cabins in some sort of storm beyond the time we planned for? What if I’m invited to an event and the only food served is seafood!?


I wanted to share how I make sushi, Ichthyophobic style. I really love making this, especially on warm or hot days, with friends and/or when I’m looking for an affordable meal for my family. This “sushi” is so delicious, especially when you can get creative with your ingredients.

Sushi Rice

  • 3 cups Sushi Rice, uncooked
  • 1/2 cup Rice Vinegar
  • 4 1/2 tbsp Sugar
  • 2 1/2 tsp Salt
  1. Earlier in the day (if you can) cook the rice like you would regular rice. Transfer rice to non metallic bowl.
  2. Mix together vinegar, sugar and salt. Add this to the rice and toss. Allow the rice to cool completely.

Sushi, Ichthyophobic style


  • Rice Paper
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Carrot
  • Cucumber
  • Spring Onion
  • Avocado
  • Peppers
  • Mango
  • Radish
  • Apple
  • Asparagus
  • Basically anything you want…
  1. Lightly toast sesame seeds. You can toss these in with the rice if you like.
  2. In a skillet, warm a few cm of water. Soak one rice paper until it’s soft. You don’t want it to be too soft or it will tear and fall apart.
  3. Lie the rice paper flat on counter or plate and cover the lower half with a thin layer of rice. Add any of the other ingredients you’d like and roll up tightly. Set aside and repeat.
  4. When you’re finished rolling the sushi, you can now cut it into slices and plate the sushi to serve.
  5. Serve with tamari and wasabi (look for artificial colour free wasabi!)

Sushi, Ichthyophobic style

I made enough rice for a meal that included Cam since I wanted to make sushi the night before but he’s now out of town. I was wondering what to do with the extra rice when Leif solved the problem for me. He knocked the bowl over onto the floor where it smashed into pieces with the rice everywhere. *sigh* At least I’d made enough for us to eat before that happened!

Sushi, Ichthyophobic style

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13 Responses to Sushi

  1. lisa says:

    Fantastic! I’ve never been a seafood fan either. I am going to try this with the family. I’m sure the girls will love it. Thanks!

    Lisa :)

  2. Sounds and looks delicious… think I might make this with my daughter in an effort to get her to eat some veggies! THanks for the recipe.

  3. I remember being completely shocked when you wanted me to teach you how to cook meat for Cam. I was thinking it was fish but maybe it was chicken? Anyways, I totally get the fish thing but for me it’s the raw fish and foreign ones like orange roughy that really get my gag. I catch your drift with the seaweed thing too. It took a lot of work for my naturopath to convince me to buy kelp “seasoning” for iodine. I can’t even taste it but it’s still so hard for me to actually use it. Nori paper? No way. But onto you.

    I suspect you’ll be okay with stores up north. Port Clements is far closer to the end of the line and I never had any problems. Yes, me who has a hard time in Alberta’s second biggest city. I’m going to miss being able to see you when I come home but maybe before we leave here we’ll have to head out to your new home or something.

    Take care and I hope Leif is feeling better!

  4. Lucy Dolan says:

    I do like seafood but I find some of it harder to eat, if I am honest. My advice would be to try a few things that appeal, be less full-on.

    Sushi is not something I eat because I find it difficult. But I love lightly cooked shellfish and fish.

    We have lots of seafish here and dp catches wild trout. It’s all in the preparation and the freshness is a huge factor. If you cook it very fresh it is delicious.

    My favorite things are:

    – prawns/crevettes with melted butter and lemon juice

    – trout or mackerel pate (grilled, steamed or poached and then whizzed with some yogurt, lemon, herbs, pepper, whatever), served on toast or with salad

    – oven baked haddock or any sort of white fish. I do this in a white or cheese sauce or crispy breadcrumbs

    – steamed flatfish fillets with asian style dip or dressing (soy sauce, chilli…..)

    – fish soup (we have a local one here called Cullen Skink)

    – scallops flash fried in butter

    – moules mariniere

    You could also try smoking some fish and tasting it. Lemon juice also helps me digest most sorts of fish – it helps with the gag reflex. I don’t like grilled tuna or swordfish or anything like that as it is never fresh.

    Hope that gives you some transatlantic ideas!

  5. Sarah says:

    I’m with you, I can’t stand fish either. I kinda wish I could eat it but I just can’t, same as meat.
    Little Leif looks really grown up on that picture! Sweet.
    S x

  6. Annie says:

    Thanks Lucy! I’m a little scared of what you wrote but I’d be willing to try any of these things… I think. :D Interesting about the lemon juice…

    I often try seafood that Cam’s eating but still just can’t get into it.

    Sea bass, Halibut and Basa are fish I use when I make Tequila Salsa to cook on the fish. They’re supposed to be mild or like “butter” but they still taste fishy to me. I’ve had incredibly fresh wild salmon of varying kinds and varying ways. I’ve had home smoked and bought smoked salmon. I’m really not fond of this surprisingly enough…. Clam chowder my grandpa is famous for. This still makes me queasy. I’ve had Shrimp in something and without knowing it was in there I immediately spit it out.

  7. debbie says:

    This sounds great! We’ve tried something similar with Nori, but maybe that tastes too fishy for you? I never thought of using rice paper – we make fresh spring rolls with those – filled with rice noodles, and many of the same things you’re putting in your rolls (ie: anything you love!!!). we make a peanutty sauce to dip it in….but i’m rambling away from sushi!!

  8. Lucy Dolan says:

    Maybe you just don’t like it then….!!!! all I can add is that if sea fish is very fresh it should not taste fishy.

  9. Lucy Dolan says:

    Oh, and halibut and bass are on my off list because they have nearly died out in the Atlantic. I do like both though! Shame….

  10. tara says:

    My oldest son wanted sushi for his birthday dinner, and we’re going out tonight to a sushi boat restaurant, Everyone in the entire restaurant sits in a big circle and tiny plates of deliciousness float by you and you pick which strikes your fancy… he eats it all~ raw fish, eel, and fish eggs included!
    your homemade sushi is gorgeous! maybe that will be our next adventure!

  11. Annie says:

    Wow Tara! I’ve seen places like that in movies but never one in real life. That sounds like an amazing sushi experience!

  12. jenny says:

    Annie! You are so funny! This is a great idea for sushi. My kids hate seaweed so I should try it this way. Thanks for the great idea, as always.

  13. Kim says:

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I want to love sushi but the nori gets in the way. And of course sushi is one of my family’s favourite meals, now I can participate: yay!

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