6 Responses to Guess What?!

  1. Krista says:

    weeee! Now we’re twins! let’s get set up on iChat :) It’ll be so great to have when you’re gone.

  2. snap! I’m looking at something really rather similar right now…. :)

  3. You sure are up-to-date now girl! I haven’t seen these arround here yet..

  4. Lucy Dolan says:

    I have one too! I inherited it from my aunt who bought a Mac and then didn’t like it. How lucky was I? She didn’t want any money for it!

  5. greenteacher says:

    so jealous! I also hope to join the mac clan as soon as I am brave enough to tackle the different look of the system (I’ve always been a PC gal). have fun!

  6. Annie says:

    You are lucky Lucy! My family have always had Macs since they owned a large Mac store, so I’ve always had one. I really love them and this one is just amazing!

    Gen- Krista (above) just got her first mac and is loving it. I think the adjustment wasn’t as difficult as she could have expected it to be. Do it!

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