…has started here. I suppose it could also be moving cleaning since now I have a time frame I have to get it all done by. Previous years, I’ve taken my time over the whole spring getting these jobs done.

When I started out I only had a chance to clean 4 out of our 19 (!) windows. *sigh* This is a big job. They’re all a bit moldy from the condensation all winter. 

Yesterday friends came over and powered through the rest of my windows! I didn’t want to have too high expectations for the day they came over because my skin is still quite sore with hiveage but if I had expectations they would have been exceeded. I still can’t believe the windows are done… AND my base boards AND my walls. 

The rest of the cleaning has to wait until our things are packed and out of the way. It feels so good to get ahead so quickly!

I’m grateful for the offered and so far accepted help with getting ready to move. Really, I’m super touched because it takes so much stress off! 

Now to work on reorganising and possible purging before the movers come… A task I relish and look forward to. That and unpacking in the new house. I can’t wait for that either….

4 Responses to Spring Cleaning…

  1. sarah says:

    what good friends you have!

  2. Lucy Dolan says:

    Lucky lucky you. I’d love to be able to even consider spring cleaning. Daily cleaning is a challenge for me the way things are. I hate living in mess but there you go!

  3. Sarah says:

    19 windows…OMG!
    Sounds like a very satisfying day, and a pleasing start to the preparations for moving. OOoh I love organising things and having a good chuck out. Take it easy til you feel better though eh?!

    S x

  4. Annie says:

    They really are great friends. I’m so lucky and pretty sad to be moving away from them. :(

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