We had another fun Saturday at Gabriola Island. We weren’t all feeling tip top but it was productive nevertheless. I have a lot I’d like to share so I’m going to do it over a few posts.

We had been talking about the different field mice that lived in the grass and how the community gardens had apparently lost some root crops to Voles. I didn’t know the difference between field mice and after looking online for more information, I’m not sure I know any more now. Oscar helped by providing a visual lesson. He’s fond of catching and eating mice. 

Can anyone tell me the what kind of field mice these are? We were guessing that the one on the right was a Vole but it seems Voles are more stout and this one had a very pointed nose. It was almost half the size of the one on the left. Of course I suppose it could also my a juvenile version of whatever kind it is. 


When I lived at Fort Steele, our friend and fellow caretaker was the blacksmith. Before we left he made us a set of the most innovative pokers for cooking food over the fire. Their tines point upwards so your wiener won’t fall off into the fire. They also project out to one side to allow an opened bun to slide between the tines and the handle for bun toasting. One of the best features is the “rest” at the bottom. This allows you to rest your poker on the burning logs or coals without having your food occasionally getting dusted with coals and soot.

We were joking about how much people pay for alder smoked salmon. Imagine what they might pay for broom smoked hot dogs?  

Leif enjoying his veggie dog with Oscar looking for dropped food:

This was Kate’s first hot dog ever! She and Lily had a great time yesterday.

Lily riding one of the giant broom trees like a horse. This was trimmed back to make it easier to pull out with the excavator or truck. 

Look forward to more about the almost finished outhouse which will help supply Humanure and making Pig’s Tails (ie. twisted bannock) over the woodstove….

4 Responses to Mice, Voles and Hot Dogs

  1. Krista says:

    I think that one on the right is a shrew! More to comment but I gotta run for now :)

  2. Annie says:

    Isn’t that funny, Cam said the same thing when I showed him the pictures in the post. Thanks, Krista!

  3. lol… I would call that one a DEAD mouse!

  4. Annie says:

    Ha! Mojavi. You’re right about that!

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