We’re heading off to Vancouver tomorrow night for a visit with the family so I think I’ll contact those who replied to the Garden Giveaway on Monday when I’m back. I’m so excited to send out what I have!

Normally, I wouldn’t be taking my computer with me so I can at least give the impression of being present (ha.) but this time I’m going to have to take it to get caught up with Lily’s Wondertree reports. I’m still behind since after the holidays! 

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

Here’s a picture of Lily’s Penny Boats. A very unique project she made while I was making something with spinach. I’m not sure if they had a purpose but they were pretty enough to share.:

3 Responses to Vancouver

  1. Did the spinach leaves float? It might be an interesting experiment to see how many grains of rice they support (I’m assuming a penny would be too heavy). I don’t know, just an idea for learning about bouyancy. Contests to see who could make the most bouyant boat out of tinfoil always seem to get kids excited and this seems like it might be just as much fun.

    Have fun (?) in Van!

    Patiently awaiting the next growing season… SS

  2. peggy says:

    Wow. I LOVE the penny boats. I’m trying to articulate why I love them so much but I don’t even know! I just really do.

  3. Annie says:

    Oh no- too heavy to float but need idea to try different things on the spinach.

    I love the boats too. I mostly love them because they were Lily’s own invention in the moment. She seemed to believe they were an important addition to our evening meal and placed them on the table all in a row. I thought they were quite pretty.

    Can’t wait to be home tomorrow!

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