My son has been vocalising more and more these days. With both my kids I used the same phrases over and over to the point that those phrases becoming one word expressions. Leif has been repeating many of these phrases for a while now but it’s starting to become clearer and said with intention. “Whasthis” “More” “Mamaup” “Poopindare” “Isyummy” “Thereitis”

Today he pointed to the phone and said “Gam-pa”. Lily calls my dad enough that I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. My dad was more than pleased to hear his grandson say it though when we called him. Leif has been saying “nur” when he want’s to nurse and even points to or drags the nursing pillow over to me. I especially love the excited “da” and “dada” accompanied by arms flailing about when my husband walks in the yard.

These first words aren’t remarkable in and of themselves but it’s such a joy to witness his continued growth and change.

Less than a day old:




I bet he’s going for the knives!


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10 Responses to Express Himself

  1. Lindsay says:

    aw how exciting! He is so beautiful. I agree completely. The “firsts” are fun more because it’s so great to watch them change and learn.

  2. Sophia Sunshine says:

    I love the pics you’ve been able to get of Leif in his first year. He’s gonna hate you for the last one in a few years though I bet. LOL. I especially like the one where he’s looking like your hippie child:) Thanks again for sharing.

  3. Sophia Sunshine says:

    that would be first yearS

  4. Annie says:

    What?! But he has the cutest bum! I’m sure he’ll understand that! :D

    You like the hippie one? Is that the one with Lily’s toque? Lily thought it would look fab on him and it turned out he looked so cute. He was playing with a wooden pear while I was making supper and was just starting to sit on his own at that time.

  5. Annie says:

    Thanks Kate!

  6. Sophia Sunshine says:

    That’s the one! And I was thinking that was a pear in his hand but I didn’t remember you having wooden fruits. The way you’re raising your kids maybe that last photo won’t be quite so embarrassing but you never know!

  7. Annie says:

    That fruit has really lasted since we bought it when Lily was small. Only a wooden garlic got chewed up by the dog, I think.

    Aw heck, I’m sure the picture will be a bit embarrassing but it’s too cute!

  8. OH!!!

    we have the same bootie shoes as the dishwasher pic.

    love it.

  9. Annie says:

    Padraig slippers are really best, eh? Those ones that Leif is wearing on the dishwasher were also my daughter’s first pair of shoes. Leif has now grown out of them and he’s in a blue pair.

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