Trying a new Forestry theme for my blog. I’ve made a number of changes and thanks to Paxye for helping with the final touches I was having trouble with. I still need to play with a few more settings but for the most part this is what my blog will look like. I liked the older theme but found it a bit dark and less pleasant to read!

Would love to hear what you think of the new theme or if it’s not loading right on your computer!

I’m also going to be implementing another level of privacy on my blog. I’d like to post a few more personal things, like my birth photos and the like in a place not accessible to just anyone surfing through to my blog. I’m not sure yet if I can just have an approved list of people or if you need to actually subscribe to my blog to see it all but I’ll keep anyone interested updated when I know. 

Hope everyone is enjoying beautiful weather as we are here! 

6 Responses to The New Look

  1. Krista says:

    Hey! I like this look. It fits fine on my computer using Firefox. And thanks for the link! When and if I ever get a blogroll going again on my blog, I look forward to linking you, too :) We’re LOVING the weather here, did you notice how perfect the temperature is? Not too hot, not too cold, lovely breeze, huh? Have a great evening.

  2. Annie says:

    The weather *is* pretty perfect these days. I’m loving that isn’t sunny and hot in the day but still cool enough at night to be pleasant.

  3. hen says:

    This looks gorgeous! I love it! Really fresh and feminine!


  4. Annie says:

    Thanks Hen!

  5. Lindsay says:

    I love it! You’re right, it’s lighter and easy to read. And yes, the weather has been about perfect here too. Not scorchingly hot but pleasant. We’ve been spending most of our time outside lately.

  6. Katherine says:

    Beautiful New Clothes for your blog! Cheerful and fresh. : ) K

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