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Lily was in a week long Kids Get Food Camp hosted by Groundbreakers Collective. I wanted to share some of the images from this marvellous week and pay tribute to this worthy local program.

Princess Gardens Princess Gardens

The kids worked in the gardens, examining and identifying the plants. They weeded and harvested. They cooked and baked a variety of meals for themselves from the bounty they collected.

Playing a plant identification game Eating the lunch they prepared!

Lily made friends and laughed and played.

Princess Gardens

Leify wasn’t old enough or confident enough to join the camp this year but he was happy to be close when we were at the garden and watch the kids at their activities.

233.365 Leify was happy to watch the kids

Sweet Pea Lunch at Two Sisters

I loved to hear from Lily about each day’s morning smoothie ingredients fresh from the garden. Of course she’s a huge fan of smoothies. Some of the foods that they made were Pesto Pasta, Coleslaw, Pizza, Zucchini Chocolate Cake, Salad and Frittata.

Kids Get Food Camp

Basil 234.365

The kids would harvest food for the Honour Table everyday where passers by could take picked produce and leave a donation behind. The kids also worked on their own garden boxes throughout the week. Painting the outsides, filling them with soil, planting small plants and starting seeds and even decorating the soil with small pretty pieces of broken pottery to add colour!

Honour Table Filling her garden box with soil

Everyday they ate the lunch they made together and helped each other wash the dishes afterwards.

Washing the dishes

Leif and I spent most of the camp time in town running errands, enjoying the local bookstore, coffee shop and restaurant but when we were at the garden it was lovely to sit in the sun and watch the kids have fun. We also saw bees and butterflies!

Untitled Cauliflower

Can’t wait until next year’s camp!!

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5 Responses to Kids Get Food Camp

  1. Grammie says:

    What an amazing camp and lovely pictures to capture the sense of fun and cooperation! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lynn says:

    That sounds incredibly great!

  3. Josee says:

    Hello Annie, I just stumbled upon your blog. I’m always excited to discover fellow BC mama bloggers :) Beautiful blog, love your pictures.

  4. Tina J. says:

    This camp sounds awesome! You guys are so blessed to be able to participate in such a cool project! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Bridie says:

    This post really made me smile! All the pictures are wonderful, but I really love the photo of Lily at the end of what appears to be to be a big haul of kale! And also the one of her working with the shovel. What a great experience!

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