The kids and I had a little fun recently remaking old photos that I took of them. I had to share!

It’s fun to see the how the kids and my photography have grown. My “before” photos were with my Pentax which I was very comfortable with- even if I was lacking in some basic skills like exposure… I still really love the “befores”. The “afters” are with my Canon, which I’m still trying to find my groove with.

Did I mention that I switched camera brands? It wasn’t because I don’t love Pentax, in fact I might even appreciate this under the radar brand a bit more now. The problem is Pentax doesn’t make the camera I want. But this is probably all best saved for another post.

Anyway, the light at our cabin in the below “before” shot is just so spectacular and the light the day we recreated this photo wasn’t that awesome. (Probably why we were remaking old photos to begin with!) It was super hard getting the right tilt of her head but Lily had a lot of fun sitting for the photo. I love how the pajamas she’s wearing were very similar to her “before” t shirt!




Remake Time!

Two year old Leif was so in the moment in the “before” photo that it would have been almost impossible to really duplicate. His six year old self was kind of on the fence about been willing to remake any of his photos but I think Lily’s enthusiasm rubbed off on him a bit. He was, however, very happy to see the afters and giggle with Lily and me!




Remake Time!

This might be my favourite remake of the three. Lily still has her orange hoop earrings but they wouldn’t go into her holes this day! So we updated the picture with her beloved feather earrings. It’s not hard to see the underexposure of the “before” shot.




117.365 Remake Time!

Have you ever thought about remaking old photos? Not only did we have a lot of fun but it was another exercise in learning with my camera. I look forward to more of these in the future.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Great idea! I love seeing the growing and changing in their beautiful faces.

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