I started a 365 photo project on the first of January this year and have been plugging along taking a photo every day, even if that meant taking my forgotten photo at 11:56pm. It hasn’t always been easy to remember and frankly, in those early, still winter, grey days I wasn’t always feeling inspired. That’s the whole point though of the project, to push yourself to be creative; to not let the light or other conditions get in the way of capturing something cool.


3.365 5.365 9.365 11.365 10.365 14.365 30.365

Still, I’ve taken a few photos that weren’t more than a quick snap. I was sick for a couple weeks and I can’t hold back a yawn when looking back at those particular shots. I just couldn’t be bothered to do more.

8.365: Inviting 7.365 18.365 22.365 24.365 26.365 27.365

I’m about 170ish days in and it’s going great! (A little further than that actually but I’m still catching up on uploading, editing and sharing my images on Flickr.)

I thought I’d share some of the images so far… Please click on any to see them bigger or if you are interested in the story behind the image.

12.365 20.365 31.365 35.365 53.365 28.365 91.365 117.365 Remake Time! 130.365 140.365


33.365 37.365 39.365 40.365 46.365 50.365 56.365


163.365 157.365 152.365 153.365 159.365 160.365 161.365 164.365


65.365 63.365 52.265 72.365 82.365 85.365 86.365

87.365  Steak Pie 88.365 89.365 96.365 98.365 104.365 105.365

68.365 Soaking it up

108.365 142.365


106.365 109.365 111.365 113.365 94.365 116.365 118:365 Good Morning!


119.365 125.365 126.365 Intense for my little man! 127.365 129.365 139.365 141.365

146.365 147.365 148.365 149.365 154.365 155.365 156.365



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5 Responses to 365

  1. Lynn says:

    Wow Annie, I loved looking through those so much and now I’m having a bit of a cry. I was missing you today, and now I miss you more. Lots of memories in there, of things we’ve done and things you’ve told me about. It’s a mostly happy cry though. :)

  2. Annie says:

    It’s been such a great project because it reminds me to capture the small moments that are easy to miss in the day. I wish you’d been in more of these images but we’d started hanging out too late! Can’t wait to see you guys at KMF!

  3. clothespin says:

    Love those paper birds on a string. Where did you get them at?

    Love the entire project idea, too. I might have to try something similar. Though, I’ve tried taking a picture of my baby every month “near” her birthday… and sometimes it’s been over a week late! Only 2 more months to go until her 1st birthday (already?) and then we’ll see how long I keep it up for. Hopefully at least another year.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I love the tub one, especially!

  5. Annie says:

    Thank you, both!

    Clothespin- hopefully you can keep up with it. These kinds of daily/weekly/monthly projects aren’t easy but when we can look back at what we capture, it’s so worth it. The paper birds were a gift from my aunt so I’m not sure where they originally came from, I’m sorry!

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