It’s not very often that I get to spend time with Leif without Lily. Lily was celebrating her best friend’s birthday the same day we were invited to go to Lucy Island with our friends. I wasn’t going to pass up a sunny day on Lucy so Leif and I packed our backpack and got dropped off before Lily was taken to the party.

Prince Rupert

I love my boy. I’ve been noticing lately that he’s going through some things, perhaps developmental changes. Very much like Lily at this age, he’s struggling sometimes when he’s frustrated. He’s quick to whine and can’t always hear beyond his immediate feelings.

Big and Littles

I feel for him. I love him. I work so hard to be patient with him. More often I take a playful approach.

Lunch over the fire Finding treasures

Leif loves to laugh so this is a great way to break through his frustration barrier!

Walking to the lighthouse

Seeing Leif be the biggest kid this day offered me some wonderful insight. He was a great role model. He was patient and gentle with the little ones. He even came up with a solution when the two younger boys were fighting over a pirate patch when he offered up his own pirate eye patch. I was feeling pretty proud.

Forest Walk

So even if he struggles sometimes, I’ll stay patient and playful and know he’s going to be all right and will learn to deal with his frustration differently and more proactively.

Lucy Island Lighthouse So Sunny

Pirate Hayden dancing on the rocks Mayhem on the boat while pulling up crabbies


It was a lovely sunny day spent on Lucy Island. We had a wonderful time with friends.

Leify caught a BIG one! What you look like when you've worn a pirate patch too long!

Patiently jigging

2 Responses to Sides To My Son

  1. debbie says:

    Eliza has more independence these days, leaving Ani alone with me more of the time, and I cherish that too. When it’s a big gaggle of kids I almost don’t see them at all and it’s harder to help with those harder moments, so I love the days when it’s just us and we can fill each other up.

    Annie, your photos are stunning. Haven’t commented on the last few posts, but I’ve gone back to look at them several times – esp the cabin one – and they are just beautiful. Oh, and your life looks pretty great too!

  2. Annie says:

    Thank you, Debbie. xx

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