It was Cam and my wedding anniversary this week. Not a great time to celebrate and reminisce with Leif throwing up everywhere but Cam gave me the most beautiful flowers. We’ll have to reconnect soon and celebrate our eight years together.


Looking at this added picture makes me want to mention what else we’ve been up to this last weekend. Lily, Leif and I went to a couple thrift stores looking for new candle holders and candles. Leif enjoy blowing out candles so much at our friend’s house on Gabriola Island that I wanted to buy a few more for ourselves. We found the most beautiful holders.

Another thing we did this last weekend was re-cover our kitchen chairs. Stained and soiled by dropped food, being painted on and even the occasional pee (ack!), it was time for something new AND easy to clean. We opted for dark grey vinyl. Not my favourite material or even colour but choice was limited. We also added new padding to complete the remake. They’re like new again. I’m going to make some cushions with the extra for the chairs without upholstery.

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6 Responses to Anniversary

  1. Mon says:

    Happy anniversary. I love anniversary with kids, they’re so unpredictable. lol Hope Leif feels well soon.

  2. greenteacher says:

    Those flowers are gorgeous! :) Happy anniversary!

  3. Sophia Sunshine says:

    Our favourite colors and flowers – Cam is good! I especially like the perspective of that photo – are you sure you didn’t take lessons from cfp?

    I think you need a blog post about your special day with some of the old photos. I so wish I’d gone to it I felt so weird since we’d known eachother such a short time. If I listened to my gut a little better it would have been different. Oh well, I enjoyed helping you get ready and being at your party on Christmas eve. By far the best Christmas eve in my books!

    Maybe this one will be just as much fun! Happy belated anniversary!

  4. peggy says:

    Happy Anniversary! Lovely flowers.

    We went with black vinyl for our dining room chairs and yes, they are much cleaner now!

  5. Annie says:

    Thanks all! Those flowers really brightened my day. I put a couple roses in my flower press and I’ll do the gerbers in a couple days.

    L- It’s funny, I have such a hard time with that camera but I do try to make the best of it. That picture was taken from above without looking through the view finder! The flowers were just so large I needed to move away to capture them all!

    I’d love to post photos from our wedding but I don’t have a scanner. It would be fun to show the gorgeous home made greeny dress! Of course we were married in under 10 minutes and then left to ski so there aren’t that many photos. There were also very few people there so you didn’t miss out too much. Maybe we should have a anniversary (piss up) party and you should come for that.

  6. Lindsay says:

    Happy Anniversary Annie! What a neat time of year to get married. :) I really wanted a summer wedding but my second choice was to do it this time of year or New Year’s.

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