It could have been Helen at MD that coined this term and it’s appropriate to me now.

I’m really loving when people leave comments on anything I’ve been writing about on my blog. Blogging is an opportunity for me to share my personal opinions and thoughts. It’s really fun conversing with new people but my blog is not a debate board. Not all comments have to agree with my shared opinion but being polite and respectful in disagreement is a must if those comments are going to be approved.

It’s rather rude to comment on someone’s blog when the only intention is to fling insults.  What a waste of time for both of us. Although extra work was obviously not put into proof-reading these comments it’s still 30 minutes lost to the rude comment maker and 2 seconds I’ll never get back in my life to skim and click “not approve” on their comment. These recent guests to my blog would do well to familiarise themselves with Cafemama’s simple Blog Etiquette posting. See “Appropriate Comments” about halfway down the page.

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