Thank you, Lush for this:

“It’s not just a pipeline; it’s a threat to the Canadian way of life.

To build public support for their $5.5 billion pipeline and tanker proposal that will cut through Alberta and British Columbia, Enbridge is spending $5 million dollars on an ad campaign that glosses over the threat to countless animals, ecosystems and our communities. Here’s the original.

This is our response.

At LUSH, we believe that a multi-billion dollar project proposed by an unsustainable industry — one that could threaten your land, your water, your jobs, and your very livelihoods — is one that Canadians should have the right to vote on!

Make your voice heard:”


3 Responses to A Path To A Canada That No One Will Recognize

  1. k says:

    i am feeling pretty depressed today about the news that supposedly 60% of the native communities along the pipeline route have signed on to the pipeline project.

  2. Lynn says:

    Signed and shared. Thanks Annie.

  3. Annie says:

    K- I’ll be interested to hear which first nations along the pipeline route are for it. I’m inclined to not take Enbridge’s word that they have 60% or anywhere close to that- especially on the BC side. The Yinke Dene are soon coming out with their own press releases in response to this one.

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