It was such a gift to be invited out to Erin’s beautiful home while down in the lower mainland. I wouldn’t want to¬†depreciate the meaningfulness of the time we spent with family during our stay but the time we spent with Erin and her family was a much needed oasis to the hussle and bussle of being in the city. It was only made better by the stunningly perfect weather we had while we were there.

A warm welcomeReconnectingBringing the wheel barrow

The kids were quick to reconnect and Leif was eager to see all that there was to see. We were put to work within minutes of our arrival helping clean out a shed. The kids brought their own wheel barrow to collect the still useful items for future building projects, as well as the burnable ones. What better way to reconnect over a shared bonfire?


While Matthew, Lily and Brendan made the rounds to see a wind felled tree past the hayfield, the chickens and who knows what else, Leif focused his attention on learning how to shoot a bow and arrow. Erin and I had our own reconnecting to do and were surprised to come back from a walk to find a drink stand set up. The kids had taken it upon themselves to make a strawberry lemonade smoothie type drink to be fixed on order with carbonated water. Delicious, especially on such a beautifully warm day.

Having a laugh togetherArcherSurprise Treat

Playing cards in the warm sun

Bits and PiecesHot teaLasting lovePerfect weather

Unfortunately, sickness struck my little Leif the day after our arrival. He couldn’t keep anything down and was very lethargic. Everyone was patient and understanding as all our grand plans for the day fell by the wayside. Instead, we sat out in the glorious sun (with our handy throw up bucket) and watched Scott power wash the patio concrete. The kids were finding their own fun and occasionally coming by to touch base or to give Scott a hand.

After a semi difficult night, Leif was feeling much more like himself the next morning. The spelt pancakes with fresh made apple sauce were a welcome breakfast for my mending boy… and for me too!

Spelt pancakes with fresh made apple sauce


With Leif feeling better, I went for a little walk around the farm. Of course I took many photos; I was making up for the day before when I took almost none. (Click on any photo to see them bigger.)

Small detailsThe viewsSoon these gardens will be full and grown


Buzz buzzUntitledPlanning a soccer game


While to kids played a game of soccer, Leif curled next to me on my sweater to snooze in the sun.


My sweetNext door Neigh-bourUntitled

Through the hayfield

We decided a walk was in order to visit the creek down the road. Erin found her old Ergo for me to carry Leif who was still weak from being sick. We visited with Erin’s neighbour who allowed us to help ourselves to a bag full of owl pellets from the barn that I brought all the way home. (Can’t wait to check those out!)

Eek!Heading to the creekMy LeifySwing

I was so pleased that Lily had an opportunity to visit with Erin one on one before we left. They went to cut some pussy willows while I packed the car. I’m not sure what they talked about and I don’t even think it matters. What is important is the connection they made, the fact that Erin is someone Lily can trust and that she is such a loving role model. I find my dearest friends are those that I can trust to not only enrich my own life with their presence but my kid’s lives as well.


I felt so badly when I talked to Erin a couple days later to hear that she and Matthew had caught the same bug that Leif had. Lily had caught it as well! :( Here’s the note Leif wanted added to the letter we were mailing to them before leaving town. It was too funny not to share. He did it all on his own, including asking for the particular spelling of his name.

Hee hee

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5 Responses to In The City {part two}

  1. mb says:

    fabulous! hope everyone in both families is recovering well… and i hope you post about what you find in the owl pellets! ;)

  2. natalie says:

    Your little Leif cracked me up with that drawing. xo

  3. erin says:

    well all of this just melted my heart…i’ve loved seeing how you experienced our togetherness and home through your words and photos. you are a treasure:) i am blessed to call you friend. xoxo

    and i loved that lily had so much to share with me when we walked…it goes to show the trust in caring adults she has and the great folks you have in your life that have brought her to that place :)

  4. Annie says:

    We’ll definitely post about our owl pellet finds! I can’t wait.

    Thank you thank you for having us, Erin. You are good friends and it was so wonderful spending time with you.

  5. Daline says:

    this was a lovely article to read.

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