What do you know about the Alberta tar sands? Have you heard the term “dirty oil”?

Garth Lenz is a photographer who came recently to Prince Rupert for the No Tankers, No Pipeline rally hosted by the Gitga’at. This is a video version of his outstanding presentation. It’s filled with some lovely images and some shocking ones as well. He puts the tar sands production into context. The northern gateway pipeline that we are currently fighting is the point of very long, rusty and dangerous sword. It’s one of the potential outlets for the Alberta tar sands, which is the most destructive, damaging, polluting and generally vile industrial projects on the planet.

This is a powerful video. Please please please get informed!

3 Responses to Tar Nation

  1. k says:

    thanks for sharing this interview Annie, very informative and drives the point home well.

  2. erin says:

    thank you annie for posting this. garth lenz is an outstanding, passionate, down to earth speaker. his caring for people is palpable. i wish i could vote for him. i’m grateful for all that you are doing to learn and share your views on these issues and to share with us the information that isn’t always easily seen.

  3. Dawn Suzette says:

    Thanks for sharing this Annie.
    I could write a page worth here but will just say things like this give me hope!

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