I’ve never been a supporter of the NDP but I do support Nathan Cullen who is running for leadership of the party. He is my local Member of Parliament and over my time living up here in one of the biggest ridings in Canada I have come to respect and appreciate Nathan. I believe in what he could do for this country if he could win this leadership race. I like that he has opinions, is intelligent, sensible and witty. He is a real person. I have joined the NDP to vote for Nathan Cullen.

People matter.  ~Nathan Cullen

Nathan has some really great ideas. The concept that really makes him stand out is proposing joint nomination meetings to consolidate the “left” votes in the ridings in which Conservatives hold seats. In these ridings it would mean that the NDP, Liberal and Green candidates would meet and decide amongst themselves which of their candidates is the strongest and most likely defeat the Conservatives and run only that candidate during the election campaign.

This is a mistake that we sometimes make when engaged in politics. We think every Canadian out there only thinks about political parties. What Canadian’s want is something to get done. The most proud moments that I had working in our caucus this last eight years in parliament is when we got something done and every single time that happened with the help of other parties. I don’t think Canadians get upset when political parties work together.  ~Nathan Cullen

The reason this proposal is so important is because our voting system is flawed. Right now we have a Conservative majority government even though they didn’t receive the majority of the votes. The left is divided and the parties need to co operate to see a change in government. We need a change in government, if only to see the electoral system change to one of proportional representation.

Let’s all recognise the thing that we know: that the current voting system we have in this country is broken and flawed and the first bill that I would introduce as prime minister is to change that voting system to a more progressive, mixed member proportional system so that when people vote, they get the government that they want.  ~Nathan Cullen

Nathan’s co operation proposal is often misunderstood. Some people perceive the NDP’s success in the last election to be based solely on the platform and efforts of the party when in fact part of their success came from voter backlash against other parties (Liberals and the Bloc). In typical Canadian fashion, people were voting against what they didn’t like and not for what they did. The political currents that influenced voters in 2011 will not be the same in the next election. You can never step into the same river twice. Co operation is the most likely way to defeat the Conservative government.

I think there are a number of people in my party who completely misunderstand what happened on May 2 (2011). And there are some that just say ‘we just stay the course and we’ll be government in three years’ and I think they are dead wrong,” he said. “I think we need to innovate, we need to continue to challenge ourselves and challenge Canadians to show our pragmatic qualities as much as our partisan qualities.  ~Nathan Cullen

Canadian Friends: the Nathan Cullen buzz is building in this race. Please consider joining the NDP to support him before February 18 and change the way politics can be done!

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3 Responses to It’s Time That We Did Politics Differently

  1. Shaun says:

    I’m with ya Annie. I never cast my vote based on political party but based on the best candidate in my riding. I like to support intelligent, empathetic and courageous politicians of any stripe. Nathan Cullen has definitely caught my attention during this NDP leadership race. Although I think there are a few strong candidates in the NDP leadership race (especially Peggy Nash), Nathan stands out from the group and comes across as very intelligent, personable and willing to voice politically-uncomfortable opinions. In short, I like him.

    Hope you and your family are well.

  2. alexei says:

    I can say that I like to vote smart, ambitious people, that come with original ideas in order to make something for the nation. I think Nathan Cullen is one of these politicians. He certainly caught my attention during NDP leadership. Wish him good luck!

  3. Annie says:

    Thank you both!

    xx Shaun!

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