Sun is shining
The weather is sweet yeah
Makes you wanna move your dancing feet
To the rescue
Here I am
I want you to know y’all
Here I stand
As the morning gathers a rainbow
I want you to know y’all
That I’m a rainbow with you

~Finley Quaye

Looking at home from Dodge Cove

We had the most amazing clear blue sky sunny day last week! After the lack of summer, this day could not go unnoticed. I love days like this here in Prince Rupert, especially after the lack of sun we’ve had this year. EVERYONE gets outside to walk or gather in public spaces. The sun is rarely wasted here by anyone and usually shared together.

A gorgeous day to be out on the waterBundled up in the becoSunny and Crisp

Friends decided to spend the afternoon on Lucy Island and invited us along. Hells yeah. We didn’t end up making it all the way out to Lucy thanks to difficult tides and being delayed defrosting the windshield on the boat but we did enjoy our time out on the water regardless.

We caught quite a few crab, perfect for eating dipped in garlicky butter or adding to creamy soup.

Dodge Cove

We went to Dodge Cove to have lunch and try and snap a family portrait for my friends. Poor Hayden wasn’t himself today and wasn’t willing to have his picture taken. I wondered if the cold was getting to him. Without the usual cloud cover to keep the warm air in, it was icy cold. My feet in particular were blocks of ice by midday. The kids faired better in their winter boots and by warming in the cuddy cabin with blankets and hot water bottles.

Lucy is getting so big!

I LOVE the playground at Dodge Cove but I can feel my sensitive stomach getting a bit queasy just looking at us swinging on the merry go round swings. I was only able to take a few turns before I opted to snap some pictures from the sidelines.

Having a great time swinging with mamaLeif flew right off the icy swing a few times!

Fish Heads!Frost on absolutely everythingI love the frozen clothes out on the line

We live in a beautiful place and that beauty is highlighted on days like this one where it’s sunny and clear. This is my neighbourhood from the water. You can almost see my house from this picture. (It’s behind another house) This is where the ferries to Port Hardy, Haida Gwaii and Alaska dock and downtown Prince Rupert is just around corner to the left.

Prince Rupert

This picture is taken from the right of the last. It’s of the Container Port.

The Port

(Click on any of the pictures to see them bigger or more of them.)

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5 Responses to Makes You Wanna Move Your Dancing Feet

  1. sarah says:

    absolutely gorgeous. you do live in a beautiful place!
    i’d to visit sometime! :)

  2. Shannon says:

    I always say we are actually lucky to live here because NO ONE appreciates the sunny-sunshine like north-coasters. It just wouldn’t feel the same if we took the sun’s rays for granted. And that song by Finlay Quaye makes it feel sunny even when it’s not!

  3. Nancy says:

    Your pictures are so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent and life perspectives. You inspire me so wonderfully…every time I visit your blog. Hoping your health improves minute by minute til you are flourishing!

  4. Simon says:

    Again, beautiful. But, er, attributing those lyrics to Finley Quaye isn’t: it’s a Bob Marley song!!!! A great song, though … Finley’s version is excellent and very different, but he’s hardly Robert Nesta Marley … I used to see Finely quite a lot around ’99; a bit too wasted the last few times, sadly …

  5. Annie says:

    Ha! I attribute Finely because it’s his version that I was hearing in my head when enjoying this sunny day!

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